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Trump Immunity? Big RNC Changes. Trey Smith LIVE. B2T Show Feb 6, 2024

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Let’s dig into Break News…

BREAKING: Biden blames GOP for border crisis, accuses Trump of not wanting secure border.  Rick talks about the 65 actions Biden took to break the border on purpose.  Obviously, we know what they want.  They want to destroy America is their overall objective but the short term is to bring in voters.  Later in the broadcast, Rick shows some of the Executive Orders Biden signed on day one to open our border.  The article says, President Joe Biden was forced to defend his bonkers “border security” bill on Tuesday after the draft Senate bill was revealed to the American public.

Speaker Johnson says Ukraine Funding “Not Abandoned” after rejecting Senate Border-Ukraine package.  Speaker’s latest Ukraine comments come amid controversy over a standalone bill.

Rick talks about the economy and how another stock crashed like 6% yesterday.  He promotes Dr. Kirk Elliott.  Contact him for gold and silver.  Rick says precious metals is a key part of your portfolio if you want to maintain wealth.

In an X post from Elon Musk, we see a video from Tucker Calrson talking about doing an interview with Putin.  Go to the link to watch the full video.  Rick says this is the problem with western media.  We’ve never heard from him (Putin) because the news is completely suppressed.

A second House Republican comes out against Mayorkas impeachment, leaving articles on the brink.  Click on the link to go into this article.

Appeals court denies Trump immunity in 2020 criminal election case.  Rick says this was expected because this is a DC based court.  This will likely go to the Supreme Court.  We will see what happens there.  Rick then shows a couple of Truths from Mike Davis.  One saying in part, they know the Democrat DC federal judges are partisan politicians in robes.

We then go into the ‘Trump Truths’ segment with a Truth from President Trump talking about Bud Light and the DEI.

Trey Smith joins Rick.  Trey has a website called ‘God in a Nutshell’ where he posts some amazing documentaries.  He merges prophecies from Kim Clement with historical information, the Bible and modern day and produces powerful information.

During Trey and Rick’s conversation, Trey goes into some information on how to read articles that have been posted and how the deep state passes information back and forth through articles, if you know what to look for.  They talk about an article with Sean Penn and Jack Dorsey on an island and explains some of the wording and his interpretation of it.  This is a MUST-see interview.  Check out Trey’s website and YouTube channel.  For only $8 a month, you can have access to all of Trey’s documentaries.

We have some wonderful guests lined up in February – Don’t Miss Them

February 7th – Attorney Tom Renz

February 13th – Dr. Bryan Ardis

February 14th – Manuel Johnson

February 20th – SG Anon

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