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Biden Malfunction. Khazarian Jew Myth? Tom Renz LIVE. B2T Show Feb 7, 2024

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We review latest Biden Malfunction were he went a full 30 seconds trying to remember the name “Hamas.”   He was not able to recall the name until a reporter had to help him!

Rick says this just shows how much of a sense of humor God has since he is forcing the globalists to run with a frontman that is losing his mind.

The Cabal is in a panic trying to figure out how to change horses as soon as possible.

We also look at how Nikki Haley actually lost 62% to 34% to “None of the Above” in the meaningless Democrat-run Nevada primary.

Nikki and the RINOs will claim victory even know zero delegates will be rewarded as the Republicans would not participate in the primary and will award 100% of the delegates on Thursday based on a Caucus.

Candidates could only pick the Primary or Caucus and not both.  It’s interesting that DeSantis, Vivek and Trump chose the Caucus, but Haley, Scott and Tim Scott chose the Primary.

Rick speculates that the globalists chose the Primary for Haley to give them a 2 day lie to the public that they won before the South Carolina primary where Haley is projected to lose to Trump by 30 points in her home state.

Praying medic displayed the panic by corporate media that Tucker was helping dismantle the Ukraine narrative by interviewing Putin.

Praying Medic said: “Their control of the Narrative is being slowly, painfully, eroded away from them and it’s beautiful to watch 😍”

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Rick covers more news before learning Tom Renz had a family emergency and rescheduled for the 28th.

So Rick digs in deep to the Kazarian Jew theory and shows that the most recent evidence clearly shows this theory to be nonsense.

We review articles and videos that looked at significant evidence including DNA evidence, linguistic evidence, historical evidence and archeological evidence that all line up to show that the Kazarian’s never converted to Judism.

In fact, the source documents used look to be fabricated, especially the one first-hand example supposedly from the Kazarian king.  The problem is the story does not match the other 2nd and 3rd hand examples and was written in perfect Hebrew.

Lingusitcally this shows that is was almost certaintly not written by a Kazarian king or scribes that all spoke a different language.

Most likely is was a politically motivated Hebrew.

We review the DNA evidence as well as other evidence concluding that Jews were of Middle Eastern decent.

Rick then reviews over 40 prophesies from Amanda Grace, Mark Taylor, and Julie Green showing that God is telling the modern prophets that Netanyahu has been chosen by God and that God considers modern-day Israel the Biblical Israel and he is protecting Israel.

Rick has discussions based on comments from Rumble and Backstage where he questions how Christians can ignore all the modern-day prophets and still uphold the Kazarian jew theory.

Rick feels that the Zionist videos are a PsyOp against the truther community to divide us.

Even the great Kim Clement also declared that “Israel is forever” as he heard from the Lord.

We then play a few worship videos and praise the Lord before moving to Backstage for a Bible Study lead by Gus.

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