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Trump Files Motion for Mistrial. Aaron Antis LIVE. B2T Show Nov 15, 2023

Show Notes

Trump Files Motion for Mistrial in New York Fraud Case

President Trump’s legal team has requested that the judge declare a mistrial in his New York fraud case, saying the judge in the case and his law clerk exhibited bias against the former president. At the same time, we see an article in Breitbart stating the Georgia District Attorney is wanting to conduct that trial over election day.  Dig into both stories in the links provided.

Democratic dark money juggernaut poured $1 million into Palestinian terror-tied charity as we find that Biden has given Iran access to $10 Billion dollars from Iraq for electricity purchases.

Rick believes the democrats and RINOs are funding terrorism through these transactions.

Rick digs into a post from Praying Medic that gives his take on the Q post that says “Saving Israel for last.”  Praying Medic has a different take than most on what this statement could mean.

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Aaron Artis joins Rick for a chat.

Aaron discusses his father’s paintings.  He gives a fun fact about his dad.  He says his dad was his best man at his wedding, which tells you what kind of relationship they had.  They were best friends also.

Aaron’s dad loved painting wildlife.  He says “Just like most of us, we go from “wild” life to eternal life” in our journeys.

Aaron then goes into discussing ‘The Resurrection’ painting and does a Bible study.

This video is a must see!!!  These paintings are amazing as well as the stories to go alone with them.


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November 15, 2023 – Julie Green’s Prophetic Word Highlighting by B2T – YOUR DELIVERER IS HERE

***For I the Lord this day, am telling my children to stand at attention. Stand guard and watch over your words. Watch over your mind and what you are thinking. My children, I will tell you to fight the good fight of faith. I have spoken this in my word. It is not a fight to bring you discouragement. It is not a fight to bring you overwhelming circumstances and despair, but this fight is a fight to win. It is a fight to regain, to take back the things that the enemies have been trying to steal from you.##

***I have prepared your hearts. I have prepared you for this time. I have talked to you about a great awakening and during that time of a great awakening, yes, there is a great shaking. There is a great shaking going on, a great shaking among the nations, great shaking among governments, great shaking in three letter agencies, great shaking in the judicial systems, great shaking, yes, even in my church. Great shaking, mighty shakings to shake you loose from the power of the enemy, to shake you free from their captivity and their mindset and their train of thought; how they have been training you and persuading you into thinking things are real or thinking things are true or thinking things, great lies and deception, yes, great lies and deception that has cheated you out of so many things that my son has already paid the price for.##

***Don’t walk away. Don’t walk away, I say. Don’t walk away this day because great is your reward.  My children, I have heard the cries of my people all over this world. You have cried in torment. You have cried in despair. You have cried because of oppression. You have cried because of pain. You have cried because of infirmity, and yes, you have cried because of injustice. You have cried for truth. I have heard these cries. I have seen what the enemy has done. Yes, I have, and I have seen what the enemies are planning to do. But it won’t go through. No, it won’t go through because it can’t get through me. I have heard your prayers. I have seen the consistency and how you are pressing in, and you won’t give up and you won’t quit. Great is your reward. I will not fail. I am the deliverer.##

***My children, why? Why do you question my name? Why do you question my willingness to bring you out? Why do you question my words when my words are true? Why do you question my promises when I have said yes? Why you question who I am is because you don’t know who I really am. Press in to me and you will see what to expect from me. Don’t get in despair. The enemy wants you frustrated. The enemy wants you divided. They have tried to divide you in so many ways. Remember, I am here to bring unity. Unity, that’s me. Unity with me.##

***Oh, my eagle, I see the wounds. I see the destruction of your land. I see, yes, I see what they have done to you. Remember what this nation stands for. I remember. I remember the sacrifice. I remember those who laid down their life for such a great sacrifice. My eagle, you may be wounded, but remember who I am. I am the healer. You will soar. Yes, you will. There is nothing that your enemies have done, no fraudulent government, no swamp, no globalist has torn you down to the ground that I can’t rise you up again. Remember Lazarus? He was dead for four days and people thought it was too late. But no, I am the resurrection. I can restore and make alive and make new anything that is in front of you.##

***Do you see what they have done? I see it. They tore me, tore me away from you they thought, from your education system. They kicked me out of your government. They kicked me out of your judicial system. They kicked me out of your media. They’ve kicked me out in so many ways to try to get you to forget, to try to get you to turn away, to try to get you to not know who I really am. The deception has grown so great. Yes, great deception has grown so great in this time, but remember, truth prevails and truth will always destroy deception.##

***The decrees that have been spoken over this nation, the prayers that have been spoken over this nation; they tried stopping you from saying the pledge of allegiance. Allegiance for what? For unity, and allegiance to me. They don’t want one nation under God because that means they can’t control; they can’t control you. They don’t want liberty. They don’t want freedom and justice for all. No, they don’t want these things. They have tried to rip it apart. They have taken commandments away from your courts, the Ten Commandments. They thought by removing them, you’d forget.##

***They destroyed monuments and what they stood for. They are trying to change you, oh, my United States; they’re trying to change you. But remember who causes the greatest change of all, who can take something that are dead and bring it back to life? Who can take something that is so destructive; there is so much destruction, anguish and pain, cleanse and heal and make it new? That is what I have for you.##

***Don’t despair in what you see. Don’t give in to their tyranny. There is no match for me. They are no match for me. I tell you, my children, there is no power greater than me. So, press in this day. This is a time where you need to dig your heels in as deep as you can get them. Have your foundation on me; in my word. Don’t move, but push through. Press in. Don’t give in, but press in. Shout my words louder. Praise and worship me even more.##

***Your enemies are, it may not look like it, but they are on the run. Yes, they are on the run. I will shatter and scatter everyone against me. I say, I will shatter and scatter everyone against me. The enemies of almighty God are being shattered and scattered this day. Every plan, declare it will fail. Declare it loudly and boldly. My children, decree. Decree these things. Do you hear it, the crumbling of their walls? Do you see it? They are in confusion and fear, and it is growing by the day. They are weakening by the day, and I am strengthening you by the day. Good versus evil. My children, who wins? Good always prevails.##

***So, stay the course. Stay focused. Stay in the attitude of celebration and victory. Expect me to do something that you have never seen this day. My children, awake, awake, awake. Now awake my glory. My glory is about to fill this earth, and the more you are awake, is the more that you will partake. So, when the enemies fail and when the enemies fall, and you will see it with your eyes, rejoice that I, the great I AM, am alive. They want me dead, but they can’t kill me. I am life.##

***So, remember who is alive. Remember who is on the throne. Remember who is a most-high God, and remember that I dwell in you. Remember these things when your enemy tries to push you down, remember these things when they try to get you to give up, remember these things when they try to put pressure on you to turn your backs on me. Don’t do it, and you will see, you will see me. You will see me. I say, you will see me do things for you that I have not done before.##

***Yes, my hand is moving. My hand is moving. My hand is moving to bring great deliverance. The world is about to see that I am still a deliverer. So, rejoice this day, my children, because your deliverer is not going to come. Your deliverer is here now, sayeth the Lord.##

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