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Biden to Give Another $10B to Iran? Brian Ardis LIVE. B2T Show Nov 14, 2023

Show Notes

Iran Expects $10 Billion Sanctions Waiver Gift from Biden

The Iranian pro-regime propaganda site Tasnim News reported on Tuesday that the administration of President Joe Biden is likely to “agree with Iran’s getting access to $10 billion” currently frozen under sanctions, adding to tens of billions in relief the White House has already processed.

A post on “X”, formerly Twitter, from, which is Iran’s Supreme Leader says “God willing, the cancer of the usurper Zionist regime will be eradicated at the hands of the Palestinian people and the Resistance forces throughout the region. However, the video that he posted was of a group of young people running from a concert.

Reading further in the article states the Biden regime has given Iran $50 billion in sanctions relief since taking office.  Rick calls this sickening.  This is part of the plan to kill America.

Donald J Trump retruthed a post from Eric Trump.  Today is the 7 year delta of an article from the Huffington Post on an election forecast that said Hillary had a 98.1% of winning the election.

Q said “They never thought she would lose.”

Rick’s comment “Wasn’t it great to see the Lord move!!”

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Tens of thousands ‘March for Israel’ in Washington, DC

Jewish groups planned March for Israel to show solidarity with Israelis in war against Hamas.

These marches and protests are pitting Israel and Palestine against each other.

DO NOT take your eyes off the cabal.

Netanyahu and Trump are both fighting this.

Based on prophetic words from Amanda Grace, Julie Green, and others, both men are “Oxes that love the Lord”  They will be yoked.

Now is the time to Fight, Fight, Fight

According to Rick, “It’s getting ugly out there.”

Donald J Trump’s Truth Post about New York

Racist A.G. Letitia James is smirking all day long from her seat in Court, as New York continues to set records in murder and other violent crimes, and businesses flee to other States. “This is a law that’s rather bazar, this is a law that doesn’t require any victims (there are none, except me!), it doesn’t require anyone to lose money – the banks didn’t complain here, they made money. You have a (Trump Hating!) Attorney General who’s seeking hundreds of millions of dollars in damages when not a single penny was lost by these banks, and that’s part of this (Unconstitutional!) Law…You can see from the reaction of A.G. James, every morning from that seat, that she is enjoying this, enjoying it a bit too much.” Law Professor Jonathan Turley. THIS LAW HAS NEVER BEEN USED FOR THIS BEFORE. It is both Unconstitutional and very UNFAIR! No businesses will come to New York, only continue to leave. The whole case is RIGGED from D.C. It is ELECTION INTERFERENCE. OUR COUNTRY IS BROKEN & CORRUPT!!!

Hamas Planned Much More Extensive Attack On October 7 Than Previously Known: Report

They purposely killed and tortured.  They intended as much terror as possible with the goal to ignite Islamic action against Israel.

Hamas’ top officials have openly stated that Palestinian civilians must die to advance their cause against Israel and that they are ready to launch “a second, a third, a fourth” attack on the level of October 7 against Israel until it is annihilated.

Rep. Tim Burchett accuses ‘bully’ Kevin McCarthy of attacking him with ‘clean shot to the kidneys’ in Capitol hallway

NPR reporter Claudia Grisales, who was talking with Burchett at the time, tweeted that the impact almost knocked the 59-year-old Tennessean into her.

McCarthy sucker punched Burchett.

Rick believes Burchett is telling the truth and McCarthy is a complete snake.

House Freedom Caucus comes out swinging against Johnson plan to avert shutdown

Rick believes Johnson is a man of God and one of the few patriots we have.

Johnson is between a rock and a hard place.  He doesn’t have enough time to get individual bills through and he doesn’t wan to pull a “McCarthy” and extend the CR.  He knows he will be blamed for the shutdown.

Rick hopes Johnson lets it shut down.  We need to pray that he does what God wants.

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November 14, 2023 – Julie Green’s Prophetic Word Highlighting by B2T – WORD RECEIVED LIVE ON AIR

***For I the Lord this day, I say to my children, know who I am. Know who I am this day. Know who I am when you pray. Know who I am, that I will not leave you. I will not, I say, leave you. I will not forsake you in this hour because I have told you this is the hour of power.##

***My children, I have been warning, I have been preparing your hearts for what is about to take place. Something significant is coming down the pipeline, you would say. Something significant is about to break forth, break out, and break through the evil that has been holding you. This is the hour and the time, my children, where you will see my hand like no other child of mine has seen my hand move in this way.##

***You will see judgment. Yes, you will. You will see judgment against the enemies of almighty God. You will see them be removed. You will see them, yes, fail at every attempt in every war against you. You will see them fail at the chaos that they are trying to bring upon you. You will see them fail with everything they want to do against you financially, everything they want to do against you spiritually, everything they want to do against you, I said, and I will say again, and I will repeat myself over and over again. So, my children believe the word of the Lord and believe that your enemies always lose. Your enemies will always fail. They will never have their way. I say this day, your enemies never have their way.##

***Your enemies are about to make a move that I disapprove of. They are about to make a move against you, oh United States, in a way you never thought possible. They are about to do something to you that will grip this nation like nothing else has before. They are about to do something to you that was to them their final kill shot, was to them the final breaking of the United States of America. This is their day, this is their time, they think, but they have noticed in their camps, fear has grown, confusion has grown and failure in their plans like never before.##

***My children, even though you may not see it all, your prayers are going forth, your words that I have given to you that you are obeying and you are speaking out and you are in agreement with me, those words are going forth and bringing great catastrophe to the enemies of almighty God. That is why I told you, you hold that line. You hold the line of defense, you hold the line and push back, push back, push them back, hold them back. My children, my angel armies are working for you and there is more of my angels than there are of your enemy. There is more of you than there are of your enemy. You hold your head high this day and every day knowing that the great I AM, the creator of heaven and earth, goes before you. Your enemies scatter before me. Your enemies are scattering and they are fleeing in multiple directions.##

***I told you over and over again that my nation will rise again. My nation, the nation of Israel, will rise out of the despair that the enemies are trying to put on them. Hamas and Hezbollah and every other evil company with them, every evil government that has been against my nation of Israel, you will see them fail and you will see them fall hard. You will see that I am the defender of my nation and I have not forsaken them. You will see storm upon storm against your enemies.##

***Oh, Israel and my children of my United States of America, the storm is hitting. The storm is fierce. The storm is strong, and the storm will not only cause destruction to your enemies, but this storm is causing a cleansing in my body with my children. So, I say, awake, awake, awake this day. Awake I say, for the enemies of almighty God, I speak to you this hour and I speak to you this day. I said, enough is enough. You will not hold my nations. You will not destroy my children. You will not deceive them with all your narratives and all your evil governments because I tell you, your governments are scattering and your governments are falling and your governments are failing because they will not have their way because I am removing each and every one of you, and I am putting in the place of power whom I have chosen in this hour.##

***Oh, and what you have done against my David, people will laugh and mock you, for they see the truth and they see how fake everything is that you have done against him when you meant to break him. I have built him up and made him stronger. People are waking up. Instead of turning on him, more are going toward him. These are the days of Haman. Enemies of almighty God, I have warned you. Woe to you who are against me. You will not have the terrorist attacks that you want and desire upon my nations. You will not have the war on the soil that you so desire to stop this next election.##

***Enemies of almighty God, you cannot stop me and I don’t need an election to bring back my David. I don’t need an election to save my nation, and I don’t need an election to remove any of you. That is man’s ways of doing things upon the earth, but that is not mine. I am a supernatural God and I do things in supernatural ways. Oh, my David is coming back, is coming back with vengeance because I am with him, and treason, treason, treason will be exposed to a scale no one ever thought had taken place. So, my children, hold on. The exposures you have seen are wonderful, yes, but they don’t compare to what is coming. Hold on, because the more evidence that comes, the more these exposures happen, the more desperate your enemies are getting.##

***Trust in me and you will see, trust in me and you will see the nations rise again. You will see your freedoms and experience freedoms that you never even thought was humanly possible. I will reveal to you the oppression. I will reveal to you the slavery and bondage that you had been under and thought you were living a normal life. That was evil’s normal; that was not mine for you. Don’t look back. Move forward. Move forward with me, with great and mighty jubilee. I am restoring the years. I am restoring what they have stolen. Yes, I am. You don’t have to wonder how. Just know that I am a God who does what I say I will do because I am faithful and I am true. So, hold on my children.##

***Breakthrough, breakthrough, breakthrough is coming like never before. So, break out of the chains that have been holding you. Break out of the things that have been keeping you down. Break out in my name. Break out with me. Worship and sing and remember, it destroys the power of the enemy. Trust in me this day. Trust in my way. Trust in my love. I am the deliverer, and this is the hour and this is the time of deliverance, sayeth the Lord.##

Our time with Dr. Bryan Artis

Rick asks Dr Artis what he wants everyone to know.

Dr Artis says he wants everyone to know He Loves them and wants to educate everyone on their health.  He is in a non-stop education process.

Rick asks Dr Artis what exciting topics he wants to discuss today.

Dr Artis is researching:

  • How to reverse lung health problems. Biopsies of lesions on lungs of cancer patients were not cancer, they were parasitic, including egg sacs.

What if cancer is really a parasite and you’ve been lied to???

  • Advance and information Dr. Artis has learned around Red Light Therapy using red stained glass.
    • It eliminates ALL electro magnetics
    • Red light destroys disease causing electrical radiation
    • Kellogg developed red light in early 1900
    • Kellogg wrote ‘Light therapeutics’
      • A quote in chapter 2 reads “One of the amazing benefits of red light frequency is that that wave length of light neutralizes all snake venoms in a victim” [They knew this in the early 1900’s—Mind Blowing

The Artis Club Experience “ACE”

15% discount for members; Monthly or Annual fees; Monthly Q & A sessions

Rick and Dr Artis move on to a Q & A with Backstagers

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