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Trump Backed Gina Wins & Fights Swamp. Silver Shorts Down 50%!! PraiseNPrayer. B2T Show Jan 29, 2024

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We start out the evening with our weekly economic update with Dr. Dr. Kirk Elliott.  Rick and Kirk discuss the big banks taking away 50% of the net shorts on silver.  Kirk discusses the acceleration of silver since 2000.  They discuss what a short is and how it works.  Kirk discusses what could possibly be happening soon with the financial systems.  Rick shows the US Debt Clock with the projected price of silver in the future.  Contact Dr. Kirk’s office for a consultation.

Gina Swoboda has been elected the Arizona Republican State Party chair.  Gina replaces DeWit that tried to pay off Kari Lake to drop out of the senate race.  We know Gina for being an election integrity expert that is dedicated to ensuring transparency of voter rolls.  President Trump called her and asked her to run for the party chair.  Rick shows a video from Steve Bannon where he interviews Gina.  Rick suggests you watch the 11-minute video.  It is very informative.  Rick suggests you go to the Arizona GOP and donate if you feel led.

The Take Our Border Back convoy started today.  They are being attacked left and right.  Rick shows an article from Wired that says Far-Right Extremists are organizing an armed convoy to the Texas Border.  The article says the Take Back Our Border channel on Telegram has over 1,000 members, some of whom are invoking a new Civil War.  Rick says they are saying it’s an ‘Armed’ convoy.  Of course, they are, they are going to protect their second amendment rights and protect themselves from the Antifa brown shirts.

Then, Rick shows an article saying Terrorist caught illegally crossing the border was allowed to roam free for nearly a year, memo says.  Rick says we need to win this fight.  In another article, 69% side with Texas over Biden in Southern border battle.  Rick says people are starting to wake up.  This is even being seen by what the anons would call ‘normies’.

Rick then goes into the ‘Trump Truths’ segment.  A couple of the Truths talk about the border and what President Trump thinks needs to be done.  In the next Truth, President Trump discusses Shawn Fain, the President of the United Auto Workers.  He calls him a ‘Stiff”.  Rick says he believes the Anons will research that and figure out what he means by that.  Rick goes through several more Truths and suggests you take a look at his page on Truth Social.  President Trump has hundreds of posts.

Next, we see an article about Joe Biden wearing a hard hat backwards and Snopes saying this is how the hat was supposed to be worn.  Rick reviews several more articles before moving into a word from “Rick’s Alone Time with God”.  Then, Rick teaches on Ephesians 4 and then goes into Praise and Prayer.

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Mon Jan 29, 2024 10:50am Life to the Full

Thank you Lord for Gary’s blog and his insight into Rhema woes.  Thank you for the new memory verses of 2 Timothy 3:16 and Psalm 46:10.  I love your word, Lord.  Put me in a secret place where I can only hear from you.  No spirits but the Holy Spirit, the Father and the Son. [Private question and answer to Rick…]

What would you like to share with me and your children Lord?

Jesus died for your sins, not just to forgive your sins, but to allow you to live life and live it to the full.  Remember, the thief comes only to steal, to kill, and to destroy.  This, in the past, was primarily directed at individuals or the nation of Israel.  However, in this time, he has prepared for centuries to take possession of the entire world and take control of all of its inhabitants.  I allowed him and his followers to think they were about to accomplish this, but instead, they have fallen into my trap.  My hand has confused all their plans and those very evil plans they had are instead awakening my church.  These very plans have awakened many he had in control who are now aware that I do exist and many have joined my body.  This also awakened and brought to submission many to me that have raised up a might Remnant that is delivering vicious blows to the enemy’s adjusted plans by using the power and authority that I have given them.  The evil ones thought they had my church in such a slumber that it would never wake up.  However, the enemy will never prevail over my body of Christ until I allow it.  Now is not the time.  Instead, it is time for a great awakening, revival and renaissance.  Nothing will be the same after this entire cabal of evil falls.  You will not recognize the before and after in this world.  When people discuss “the best is yet to come” that is an understatement of the stark difference.  The New World Order and the plans of the enemy to invoke a one-world government and currency before my appointed time has failed.  As they continue to use the limited power they have left, it will only serve to expose them all the more.  Every move they make will be confused by me, thwarted by my Angel Armies, or rebuked by me Remnant.  The enemy has no chance.  They can only delay their ultimate demise.  However, my Rampant can accelerate their demise.

If you want to be part of accelerating the demise of my enemies, which are your enemies as well, then simply use your power and Authority, my Remnant.  Continue to renew your mind, worship me, and come to me alone for instructions.  Obey my instructions, declare and decree, and watch all your enemies be rebuked over and over again.  Call them down and obey my commands.  I give specific instructions to those who have submitted to me and put me first in their lives.  The more of my Remnant that obey my instructions and exercise their faith with courage and boldness, the faster this cabal of satanists will fall.  So be bold and courageous my Remnant.  And those that are in my body who have not put me first and have not fully submitted, do so now.  Don’t you want specific instructions from me, the creator of the universe?  If so, then make a decision now to reorganize your life around me.  Renew your mind daily, worship me regularly, and come to me alone with that renewed mind.  This is simple, but not easy for those who are being programmed to conform to the pattern of this world.  Will you shake off this programming?  Will you come close to me and prioritize alone time with me after renewing your mind?  Will you join my Remnant?  If so, you will be able to do what Jesus promised.  In this world, you will have trouble, but take heart I have overcome the world and those who come to me will have peace and I will give you life.  Yes, I will give you life to the full.

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