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Smoking Gun on Biden? Trump’s Crossroad. PraiseNPrayer! B2T Show Aug 3, 2023

Show Note

Devon Archer’s testimony is released in full, and he also is interviewed by Tucker Carlson that was released on Twitter.

Devon testified about Joe Biden being the brand of their business and that Joe was on around 20 calls with business partners.  He met with Devon around 20 times as well.

This clearly shows Joe has constantly lied to the public.

However, the smoking gun may be what Tucker showed.  It was a signed letter from Joe to Devon clearly showing his intention of building a relationship with Devon.

Fox News did not get Devon Archer, but Tucker did.  Fox is the RINO of MSM and Tucker is killing them in views.

Tucker had over 100 million views on several videos and over 23 million on the Devon Archer video in 24 hours.

Compare this 20-100+ million views to an average Fox views of just over 2 million.  Tucker is getting 10X the views of those who fired him.

Rick reviews other news related to election fraud and Sidney Powell as well as key Patriot events that are upcoming.

Rob Rene, Rick’s brother, comes on and discusses the success with QE Strong and discusses several testimonies of people getting off of Big Phrama drugs.

Rick reads a prophetic word from Julie Green that tells us to pray for Trump:

“And there’s something that they’re about to do, or try to do, to your rightful President. Pray for him! Pray for him! They want to end his life. They’re getting very desperate now. Pray for him; for his protection. Pray for his strength. Pray for his boldness. My David! My David is coming to a crossroads. He has to pick or choose my way or his way.”

Pray for Trump that he is protected and has a sound mind and chooses God’s way and not his.

We then move to the Bible Study on Revelation Chapter 11 where we learn more about the 2 witnesses and the various belief systems around the witnesses, the church and the 24 months.

Rick uses his new studio setup to teach on the Seals, Trumpets and Bowls.

Then we go to PraiseNPrayer where we worship to awesome music videos for over an hour.

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Prophetic Words

August 3, 2023 – Julie Green’s Prophetic Word Highlighting by B2T – THE GIANTS ARE FALLING

*** For I the Lord this day, say the giants are about to fall. Great and mighty giants are about to fall. People you didn’t think would ever leave, would ever fall, would ever come down, would ever be exposed, would ever have justice done to them, these people you never thought would ever be taken out of the spotlight or the power to be taken away from them; you are about to see that day; and not just one or two or few, I’m talking many people. Many people in your governments, many people in high corporate positions, many people in the banking system, many people in Hollywood, many people all over the place. Soon you will see no trace of what they’ve tried to leave or they’ve tried to have stay in your presence.##

***Everything that they have done to you, everything that they desired, is going to be wiped out. I will make sure that there is nothing left. So, my children this day, I want you to keep saying, the giants have fallen. The giants have fallen. The kings and the pharaohs of today will have the same fate. They’re about to fall. So, my children, don’t ever quit and give in.##

***Don’t give in to the pressure. Don’t give in to their tyranny. Don’t give in to their power. Don’t give in to what they’re about to try next. I said try, because it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. Things are changing swiftly now. They’re about to pull out everything they can at you. They are about to do something to cause mass chaos in your governments.##

***It’s going to get chaotic and your economy’s going to get chaotic. Things will seem to be upside down completely. Things will seem to go in such a dark path and such a darkness to overwhelm. And there’s something that they’re about to do, or try to do, to your rightful President. Pray for him! Pray for him! They want to end his life.##

***They’re getting very desperate now. Pray for him; for his protection. Pray for his strength. Pray for his boldness. My David! My David is coming to a crossroads. He has to pick or choose my way or his way. Pray. Lift him up, that he will choose mine. That he will choose the path that he doesn’t think or doesn’t look like it’s secure.##

**It doesn’t look the right way; but it is the right way. Pray that he will be of sound mind and he’ll be clear to get in line with what I’m doing. What your enemies are trying to do to him in any fashion, whether they are trying to arrest him or trying to kill him, either way it will not work. But just because it will not work doesn’t mean I don’t expect you to stand, because you are standing. You are the ones that are holding him up.##

***You don’t understand to the degree of what evil and the amount of evil that he is under; the amount of pressure that he is under; the weight your enemies are trying to put on him. You are the ones lifting him up. You are the ones keeping him up and strong. Keep it up! Keep going! Speak louder! Shout! Strong; strong prayers. Not wimpy. Strong.##

***Decisions have to be made. Very important decisions right now. As we speak, they’re making these decisions. And pray that they made the right ones. Not the path that looks like the least resistance and it looks good, but the one that I have; the one that guarantees a speedy recovery. A speedy recovery of everything that’s been stolen. Yes, I’ll restore this nation. I’ll restore the wealth. I’ll restore the inventions. I’ll even restore the entertainment industry.##

***So, this day, my children, make sure you’re focused. Make sure you stay and stand in what exactly I have for you to do today. Don’t look to the right and don’t look to the left. Be focused and stand on me. Stand on my word. Get to know me. I say this continuously because you’re at that time, a very pivotal moment, where you have to choose. So, choose this day. I set before you life and death, blessing and cursing. You choose. So, choose this day what side, because soon that choice will be made for you.##

***That’s nothing to fear about, my children. It is something you have to be aware of. You have to be aware of this. You have to be aware of the time of choices and the time of decisions. I told you about the great separation. It’s coming quicker than you think.  Don’t get off the focus of my word and the importance of today, because your enemy will try to deceive you into thinking, well they’ve been saying this for a long time and nothing’s changing. He’s counting on that.##

***Always be watchful. Always be focused. Always be in my word. Always be with me, and nothing you see will affect you, will affect your family. I have turnarounds. I will lavish my children. I’ll restore everything that’s been stolen from you, even from generations before you. I’m going to restore it all. These are the days of a great restoration, sayeth the Lord.##

Bible Study

Measuring the Temple

The Holy City – earthly Jerusalem, others a symbol of believers (Rev 11) the church

Measure the 1) Temple 2) Alter 3) people who worship there

Temple is the symbol of the church?

1,000 years –  Satan is bound in the pit and cannot deceive the nations

Rev 20:1

42 months

Rev 13:5

Rev 12:6 and 14

Dan 7:25

Dan 12:7

2 witnesses needed to confirm testimony

Deut 19:15

Mat 18:16

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