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Signature Verification Fraud Against Kari! Matt & Joy Theyer LIVE. B2T Show May 17, 2023

Show Notes

The first of three days of the Kari Lake lawsuit around Signature verification was today Wednesday.  Explosive evidence was presented and the fake news media is already dismissing it.

274k ballot signatures were approved at LESS THAN 3 seconds each which is not nearly enough time to load, scroll, review and approve signatures.

A video was shown of 1 worker not even scrolling to look at the verified signature and approving every signature.  In 90 seconds this person approved 71 signatures while a co-worker next to them scrolling and reviewing signature reviewed only 9 signatures!

This one worker approved over 27,000 signatures.

Rick believes the Lord is revealing election fraud 1 step at a time to wake up those sleeping.  First the mules, then the tabulator rejection based on 19 inch images on 20 inch paper, and now fraudulent signature verification.

Rick also explained that the judges still are not doing their job.  New evidence and a whistleblower have revealed that a secret test was done on the tabulators the night before the election showing 59% of the tabulators failed!

Those tabulators were used anyway, despite this being unlawful!

As expected 60% failed on election day.  This clearly shows intent to defraud as Kari Lake voters were coming out 3 to 1 on election day.

Despite this evidence, due to the high standard of proof the judge set, Rick believes this will be dismissed and go to the Supreme Court.

In other news McCarthy is considering the removal Adam Schiff from congress due to his dishonesty in his Russia collusion lies that the Durham report clearly showed was a hoax.

The house has asked John Durham to testify before congress which will again help wake up more people.

The house also is calling in the IRS to justify firing the entire investigation team that was looking into Hunter Biden’s tax evasion.

Rick then reads the latest Julie Green’s prophetic word that warns of the great deception:

“The spirit of deception is out in full force to cause this great deception, to cause chaos, to cause confusion, to cause a war of disinformation. All these things that seem to be wrong or look to be false, I will show you how they actually are. I will show you things around the world are not how they appear to be.”

Rick reviews other news around MTG being aggressive with multiple Articles of Impeachment, Washington Posts lies, and how the FBI is a captured operation.

Then Matt and Joy Thayer come on LIVE.  They are fighting in the mountain of Entertainment and creating great work of truther content.

They also love story telling and are working on many projects, including a documentary series on reawaken America.

They tell the story of how they met, how they were awakened and how the created the documentary “Trump I know” as well as “Selection Code.”

We get to hear how Joy learned about the dangers of vaccines and how she experienced pain relief with non Big Pharma drugs with pain patches from QE Strong.

We have Q&A from Backstage members and we learn where they came up with the name Spero, how they worked with Mike Lindell and Laura Logan and other insights.

Lois backstage receives a vision for them during the prayer time and tells them this vision.

Afterwards we go Backstage for a Bible Study led by Gus.

You can have access now for FREE to all the Backstage live and recordings by joining the Backstage Ministry here:  blessed2teach.mykajabi-backstage

Kari Lake Attorney: Maricopa County’s Own Data Shows Massive Issue with Review of 334K Ballots

Prophetic Words

May 17, 2023 – Julie Green’s Prophetic Word Highlighting by B2T – THINGS ARE NOT HOW THEY APPEAR TO BE WITH GOVENMENTS WORLDWIDE

*** For I the Lord this day, am telling my children many things look contrary to my words that I have spoken to you; but I have said, things are not how they appear to be with leaders of nations, with governments, and with the news media. The spirit of deception is out in full force to cause this great deception, to cause chaos, to cause confusion, to cause a war of disinformation. All these things that seem to be wrong or look to be false, I will show you how they actually are. I will show you things around the world are not how they appear to be.##

***They’re not how they appear to be with the Biden. They’re not how they appear to be with his entire administration in his fraudulent government. It’s not with the royals and specifically the real crown. It’s not with Canada and their leaders. It’s not with France and their government. It’s not with Australia and their government. It’s not with China and their leaders. It’s not with Ukraine and Russia. It’s also not with Brazil and many governments and leaders worldwide. This great deception is a part of a great reset that I am tearing apart.##

***Do not look to things that you can see because it will lead you into believing things that are a lie. My truth is being poured out everywhere. Don’t think for one minute that I cannot correct stolen elections or stolen governments or stolen economies. Anything stolen must be returned. That’s not if it can happen, that is something that is guaranteed because of the shedding of the blood of Jesus, because of the crucifixion of Jesus, and because of his death and because of his resurrection.##

***Things you see are not how they actually are; but my children, that is why I never leave you with what you see.  Remember in the Promised Land, there were many giants in that land, and my people were more than able to take over that land just as Joshua and Caleb told the children of Israel. But instead, they believed what they saw over my words. I spoke to them, and they didn’t get into the Promised Land when I intended them to go because of how things looked, and it deceived them into believing a lie.##

***Don’t let these things happen to you, my children. Don’t let yourselves grow weary by things you see. That is why I’m asking you to focus on me and not your enemies. Things will drastically change. Things will turn around. Things will not stay the way you see them now. Great changes are headed your way, so stay with me in my word where there is great peace and great joy, sayeth the Lord, your Redeemer.##

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