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Schiff Censured! Just the Beginning? PraiseNPrayer. B2T Show Jun 22, 2023

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Adam Schiff is finally censured.  100% of the Democrats voted to not censure him and all Republicans voted to censure him with six Republicans voting to present.

The potential $16M fine was removed in this vote that kept some Republicans from supporting the bill last week.

The most important aspect of the censure is that the House Ethics committee will perform an investigation.

Rick plays back 9-10 videos where Julie Green’s prophetic word tells us Adam Schiff will be fully exposed by a whistleblower, he will be tried for treason and lose his life!

Rick then discusses other news.

Nearly 2/3 of Americans say the Trump indictment is politically motivated.

An IRS whistleblower shows that the DOJ interfered with their investigation of Hunter Biden and would not let them investigate “10% for the Big Guy” or ask any questions about “dad.”

Rick discusses the border and an article showing that the invasion from the southern border this year alone outnumbers the population of 8 states.

Rick then reads Julie Green’s latest prophetic word where we are told to rest in him by giving him your time:

“The key is to not be distracted. Give me your time and I will give you rest, a rest that you have never known.”

Then Rick review some Telegram posts that gives perspectives from Anons on how we need to focus on God and understand how to frame our victories.

Praying Medic writes “My theory is that the military knows that if they refuse to take action, they will give citizens no other choice but to take matters into their own hands. Not wanting to risk the possibility of vigilante justice, the Pentagon will be forced to set up military tribunals.”

Rick believes there have already been 5 years of military tribunals that we will get to see and many more are to come.

Rick highlights the companies that financially supported LGBTQ+ Pride Month which include: Amazon, MGM, Marriott, Hilton, Nissan, Audi, Capital One among others.

We discuss recent events with Hezbollah establishing an armed post in northern Israel territory and how we can pray against the extreme Muslim groups wanting to kill all Israelis.

Rick then teaches on several key parables out of Mark 25 setting up more discussion about Jesus’s view on the end times.

We then move to PraiseNPrayer where we hear some amazing Praise Reports from Terri and Jeremiah and lift up many new prayer requests in between beautiful music videos.

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