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Durham Testimony. Did Hunter Flip? B2T Show Jun 21, 2023

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The Durham testimony may seem like “we already knew that” but for many, this is the first time the truth is being clearly explained for all to see.

Rick returns from his Israel trip and explains the importance of these hearings to awaken even more people worldwide.

Durham pokes at Adam Schiff, corrects several House members and speaks basic truth about the Hillary Clinton-funded smear campaign that the FBI and its counter parts used in an attempt to interfere in the 2016 election.


Rick also reports on some intel talking about Hunter Biden flipping and giving evidence of his father’s crimes.

The intel also confirms that Hunter has numerous crimes clearly documenting his crimes and his family. Did he flip on his dad?

Some intel reports on this but there is very little evidence and Rick gives his opinion and analysis.

We also see the crimes Hunter pleaded guilty to are a slap on the hand similar to the sweetheart Epstein deal he received for sex trafficking.

Rick reviews the latest prophetic word from Julie Green where the Lord urgently warns us to make a decisions quickly:

“I have given you my word that renews your mind, that changes the way you think, that changes the way you talk. It changes the way you act. It changes the way you see everything around you. No more time for playing games or messing around.”

Rick covers other recent news and then teaches on the Roman’s Road to help equip the saints on how to quickly teach the gospel and how people can understand how important it is to understand how to accept Christ.

Rick ends by debuting a new music worship video for Oceans.

Then we worship and praise some more before Rick goes backstage to teach on some key learnings form Israel and blows his new shofar!

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