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Russia Hoax 2? Mayorkas Impeached. Manuel Johnson LIVE. B2T Show Feb 14, 2024

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Let’s dig into the News…

Mayorkas becomes the first cabinet secretary impeached since 1876.  The House of Representatives has impeached Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and the Senate Majority Leader’s office has announced his impeachment trial will commence later this month.  The impeachment is related to the ongoing migrant crisis at the US border with the House Republicans accusing Mayorkas of flouting immigration laws and exacerbating the situation.  Rick says he believes this impeachment is important to show how they are leaving the border open on purpose.

Prosecutors reportedly met with Biden admin before 3 Trump indictments.  Three separate prosecutors reportedly met with White House aides before indicting former President Donald Trump, President Joe Biden’s political opponent.  Rick says this is getting deeper and deeper and deeper.  It’s going to be quite exciting.  The reported meetings suggest a coordinated attack against Biden’s 2024 rival.  If coordination occurred, it lends credence to Trump’s belief that the indictments are election interference.

Rick says for those that follow Q and the Russia Russia Russia hoax and understand how big of a deal that was, this next report is great.  In an X post from Jesse Watters, we see a report saying Deep State is scrambling to find a missing top-secret binder that shows how Obama’s CIA set up the Russia hoax.  Rick says there is a list of 26 people that worked to try to create some kind of connection with Russia so they could do the Russia Russia Russia hoax.

Bombshell report reveals Mayorkas’ personally rejected RFK Jr secret service protection.  Rick says if you go back in the past and look at any of the presidential candidates, almost all of them got secret service protection.

Corporate giants such as Meta, Amazon and Google lost 3,000 ESG staffers in just ONE MONTH as backlash over ‘woke capitalism’ and equity hires intensifies.  Hiring for ESG positions peaked in late 2021 but the sector’s rapid expansion ground to a near halt last year.  Rick says this is the push and measuring all these companies to say, if you’re not doing all these things like climate change and other things, they measure and give you a score and punish you with media matters type smear campaigns if you don’t do this.  So finally, there’s pushback from conservative like us and the whole movement is being shown for what it is; the globalist takeover of all our companies.

Rick goes over several X posts, a post from Praying Medic and a Q drop.  He also reviews several more articles before Manuel Johnson joins him for an interview.

Manuel “Manny” Johnson from Mega Praise Ministries in California joins Rick for a first time Blessed2Teach live interview.  Manny tells about how his ministry started and what is going on in the ministry now.  He tells about how the Lord gave him the vision of his famous Glory Days Not Gloomy Days hats.  You can go to his website to order a hat.  Manny also tells how the Lord started giving him prophecies and says that 2024 is going to be an exciting year.  He prays over several of the Backstagers.  Check him out on YouTube or his ministry website.

After Manny leaves, Rick plays a new song that the videographer just completed.  It is a powerful song.  Watch the replay to see the video and listen to the song.  You will be blessed.

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