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Fani & Wade Busted. Hamas Collapse! PraiseNPrayer. B2T Show Feb 15, 2024

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Let’s dig into the News…

Hur is reportedly seeking to testify in front of the GOP over Biden Special Counsel Report.  This report basically threw Biden under the bus, Rick says.  Rick believes Hur is an operative of the Democratic/Globalist state.  The article says Robert Hur is seeking to testify.  They didn’t ask him, he wants to.  Hur concluded his investigation into Biden’s handling of classified documents on February 8th, declining to pursue charges against the president.  In his report, Hur made several notes about the state of Biden’s memory, even noting that the president appeared to forget when his term as vice president began and ended and when his late son Beau had died during the interview.

Rick shows a Truth that has a Fox News clip about Wade being pressed on finances and Fani Willis’ affair timeline.  Rick says they are being completely exposed.  They’re busted.  The clip shows expenses he put on his business card.  The clip shows vacations and cruises as expenses.  Fani was with him on each of these trips.  This was funded by the taxpayers of Georgia.  A (former) friend of Fani’s has told the truth about the relationship that has been taking place since 2019.  It was known that Wade had very little experience in the area that was needed for the prosecution.  In another article, we see the embattled district attorney takes the stand in court to testify against allegations of ‘improper’ affair.  Nathan Wade said Fani Willis would reimburse him for her half of shared travel in cash.  Rick says “He has no receipts whatsoever.  Oh no, it was in cash.”  The article goes on to say this could derail her case against former President Donald Trump.  Rick says not to mention the other 19 people that were charged for just being around the case.  Rick also shows and discusses a couple of X posts that point to this case.  In yet another article, we see an ex-US attorney thinks DA prosecuting Trump in Georgia should leave case.

New York judge sets Trump trial for March 25, denies request to dismiss Bragg charges in hush-money case.  The trial on charges related to hush money payments made in 2016 is scheduled to begin March 25.  Rick says this is right in the middle of the campaign which will cause Trump to not be able to do as many rallies.  That’s their objective but it’s going to have the direct opposite effect.

Rick then switches over to Hamas and their collapse.  On a Telegram post from Amir Tsarfati, he discusses how the IDF found 40 Hamas terrorists inside a hospital.  They were found after the IDF quietly evacuated 4000 civilians.  As he has said before, hospitals are holding places and terror bases for Hamas.  In a post from Israel Radar, Hamas collapse underway.  Exhausted terrorists emerge out of tunnels and surrender to IDF.  They were running out of water and haven’t heard from their commanders in weeks.  The tunnels had been flooded and some have been blown up.  Rick says this is working beautifully and now Hamas is surrendering.   Rick says if this was a genocide all the civilians in the hospital would have been killed, instead the IDF evacuated them before going in after the terrorists.

Rick shows a few articles about the Podesta brothers and another about a bomb sniffing dog that was at the DNC on January 6, raising further questions about the undetected pipe bomb.

Rick brings on his brother, Rob, who has started a podcast and YouTube channel about natural pain management.  Rob explains his mission and talks about the guests he is interviewing.  He has given the Blessed 2 Teach audience a task to subscribe and give a star rating on his podcast for a chance to win a prize package, compliments of I am pain free.  Check out the video for further details on this opportunity.

After Rob leaves, Rick discusses several more articles before going into a study on the Whole Armor of God.  He links supporting scripture to each item in the armor and discusses how it all fits together.  We then move into praise and worship with a new song and several favorites.  Rick takes prayer requests and hears praise reports.  Check out the video to join in the awesome praise and worship from B2T.  I believe you will be blessed.

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