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Ronna Fails Again as GOP Underperforms! Nino Rodriguez LIVE. B2T Show Nov 8, 2023

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It was another election night where Republicans underperformed, and many are now calling for the RNC chair Ronna to resign.

In Rick’s opinion, this just shows that with RINOs running the RNC and the effective Cabal media and Cabal money, they can influence millions of people.

In this case, millions voted against pro-life candidates and for pro-abortion candidates and actually made abortion fully legal up to the time of birth in Ohio.

This is a red state where Trump won by 8 points.

The progressive agenda has come to settle in America where the globalists can use the media and its assets like BLM, Antifa and other progressives across the world to support Hamas over Israel.

Rick reasons that this just shows that waking up people has to be a God movement and not just a white hat operation.

Hamas says they wanted this war so that Muslims across the world would pressure their governments to war and destroy Israel.

Hamas looks at the Palestinians as pawns in their desire to destroy all Jews.

Instead, Rick believes the Great Exodus or 2nd Exodus will include a revival that goes even to these goat nations and 100s of millions of Muslims will find Jesus and stadiums will be full of Christ seekers worldwide.

Nino Rodriguez, a past world-class heavy weight fighter and current truth podcaster, comes on the show LIVE.

Nino talks with Jim Caviezel and Juan O’Savin regularly and has guests with different viewpoints, so he feels he has a good feel for what is about to happen.

We get to hear Nino’s viewpoint on Netanyahu, the Israel war, China, Russia and much more.

He was very positive that there would be a “jiujitsu move” once we go through a near-death experience in the US, where our country will be restored.

Nino feels this will likely be a nuclear threat and predicts that there will be many attacks in the US leading up to this.

He even feels that 75% of the population may be lost as “casualties of war” as things move into chaos.

Nino also shares his feelings about failing to live up to his potential.  He was 36-0 with many belts with 25 first-round knock outs.

He discusses how alcohol was the cause of much of his downfall and after overdosing on drugs and months later his throat being slashed with a knife, he felt he blew his opportunity.

Many thought he would be the next heavyweight champion, but he feels he through that away.

However, he is now a warrior against the Deep State, and he does not drink anymore and is fully dedicated.

We get into great discussions on other topics and Nino says he feels there will be no 2024 election and that the near-death experience will happen before this.

We pray for Nino and afterward, Rick reviews more news and gives his opinions on several things discussed with Nino.

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For the most part, Rick agreed with Nino’s assessment.

However, Nino does not follow the prophets and the prophets clearly see Netanyahu as the Trump of Israel.

This is backed up by the Left, the Media, and globalists constantly fighting Bibi.

Also, when reading a commentating on Julie Green’s latest word, Rick points out that he feels we won’t lose even close to 75% of the people in this war.

Rick feels the best is yet to come and huge revivals will be seen with stadiums full of those wanting to feel and see the presence of the Lord!

After this, we go backstage for discussion and Bible Study.

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