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Biden Forcing Gun Control on Israel. Trey Smith LIVE. B2T Show Nov 7, 2023

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Wow! It’s one thing to go against the 2nd amendment in the US, but another thing to withhold gun sales to Israel unless they agree not to give them to Israel citizens.

This is especially shocking after we see the satanic torture and killings Hamas did to the Israeli citizens.

Meanwhile, our Supreme Court will likely rule against non-constitutional bans on gun-related items.

This shows that Biden continues to cave to the left-wing radicals.

Nearly everything we see shows the Biden administration trying to appease the radical left-wing, including working with leftist TikTok influencers and spending $4.1B on LGBTQ+ initiatives.

Much of this spending was overseas as Rick saw on his trip to Israel in June with Pride flags all over Tel Aviv and even on the US Embassy in Tel Aviv.

Rick reviews Trump’s latest Truths over his court cases as he continues to pound the NY AG and judge.

We also see signs that the establishment is backing off of Biden as even a CNN hack, Van Jones, calls for Biden to consider retirement.

Senator Ted Cruz says that the Democrat’s only hope is Michelle Obama.

Rick reads the latest prophetic word from Julie Green, where the Lord mentions George Soros again as well as Bill Gates and Federman:

“I’m calling out George Soros and all who are with you. It’s time for your fall to begin and to be seen by the world. Bill Gates is about to be exposed big time. Federman will be in your news.”

Then Rick brings on Trey Smith who is in the middle of a trip researching Biblical artifacts.

He plans to release new videos on his interpretation of Kim Clements’s prophetic words as Trey predicts what will happen over the next year.

Trey says that Russia will go against China and Saudi Arabia and that Saudi Arabia will take the biggest fall.

Israel and America will be blessed, but not before major incidents of more terrorism and threats from China.

Trey details out some of his thinking in an hour plus interview.

He discusses the Scape Goat and how Biden and the elites will be pinned with all the mess that has been created these last 3 years.

We discuss Trey’s Rumble account and website that you can find as “God in a nutshell”

Trey is absolutely sure we will have the third temple built shortly and he thinks it will be announced in March based on several factors.

He discusses Red Heifers and how they can only be brought into Israel as Emotional Support Animals!

We pray for Trey and discuss having him on again to discuss his Biblical artifact findings.

Afterwards we go backstage for Project Children Resuce (PCR) where we pray for the children and the soldiers.  We also pray for the downfall of the news media across the nations.

Rick also conducts an Impactor for Truth training session and discusses the new training that is being rolled out for Inner Healing and Deliverance.

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