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RINO’s Exposed! Woe to God’s Enemies. PraiseNPrayer! B2T Show Aug 7, 2023

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The RINOs are being exposed everywhere.  Mitch McConnel gets booed for 5 straight minutes with people chanting “Retire, Retire” and “Ditch Mitch” “Ditch Mitch”.

One of Trumps greatest achievements is exposing all the RINOs (Republican’s In Name Only).

Those that are criticizing Trump as this junction are most likely with the Cabal.  Also, those saying there was no election fraud.

We start the show with Kirk Elliott who discusses many fundamentals showing that inflation will continue to get worse.  Oil strategic supply is what has helped in the short-term, but they are too low for that approach much longer.

Kirk discusses the projection of global debt to be over $30 Trillions soon.  Rick discusses the problems with Derivatives (including those that short silver) is even more of a problem.

Rick loves how silver can be used for bartering, is liquid and can be sold within 4-5 days out of a depository, but most of all the upside after the Banks fail that are shorting the silver with derivatives.

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Rick reviews other news around Trump’s indictments, his Truths and Biden’s continued exposure that now is exposing Obama.

Rick then reads a recent prophesy from Julie Green that says woe to God’s enemies:

“I have warned about the angel of death. I have warned because my will is I wish that no man perish. I have seen the evil that you have committed. I have seen what you have done, and I have heard the cries of my people, crying out for justice. I am the God of justice and my gavel is coming down…”

Then Rick teaches on Revelation 12 where he shows the heavenly sign that happened between Trump’s election date and 42 weeks later!

He then teaches about Michael the archangel, the guardian prince, the woman and the dragon and the war against the woman’s offspring.

We then go into PraiseNPrayer where Rick shows off his new full width worship videos where he can stand an worship withing the videos.

We pray for numerous people and pray against the great reset!

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