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Reactions to Colorado Trump Ballot Battle. Aaron Antis LIVE. B2T Show Dec 20, 2023

Show Notes

The Colorado supreme court disqualifies Trump from the state’s primary ballot.  Speaker Mike Johnson posts that we will the US Supreme Court set aside this decision.  Mike Johnson has come under heavy attack for being a RINO when he did not protect us from being surveilled by FISA.  Lara Logan is saying he’s a RINO and dismissing him just as they do McCarthy and Ryan.

FISA goes both ways like Q talks about it.  Don’t judge Mike Johnson for the FISA.  Rick is waiting for what comes out about Mike Johnson.

The White House distances itself from the Colorado fight.  Karine Jean Pierre says the White House cannot comment on anything to do with the 2024 election in a press conference.  Then in a later article, Biden is asked a question from a reporter.  He says he can’t comment but then goes over to the reporter.  He backs the Colorado Supreme Court.  It’s going to come back to bite him.  Biden says Trump supported insurrection.

Legal experts say what Colorado is doing violates the Constitution.  This puts the country on a slippery slope.  This is showing a panic from the deep state.  Trump is going to expose all the deep state has been doing so they are doing everything to take him down.  Rick says “This is a true battle for our Constitution as well as the world.”  This will all end up at the Supreme Court.  This will wake more people up.

Vivek says he will withdrawal from the ballot in Colorado.  Rick points to the ‘X’ post.  Rick believes Vivek has been flipped but we always have to be on guard. Musk?? Rogan??? Could be either a black hat or white hat but Rick believes they’ve been flipped.

RFK Jr slams the decision from Colorado.  “Real democracy doesn’t work this way.”  Let the voters choose not the courts.  Politico is reporting that California is now exploring every legal option to remove Trump from their ballot as well.  This shows you all branches of our government have been captured.

Rick also discusses Delta and American Airlines transporting illegals and what they are given when they arrive.  We see a video of young lady showing the lines of illegals waiting to board flights.  President Trump uses the Tippy Top term again.  We have a whistleblower talking about Climate Change being a scam and Trump’s Truths talking about a banana republic

We then go into Rick’s alone time with God and Aaron Antis joins Rick for a discussion about more of his dad’s paintings as well as a Bible study that goes along with the painting.  Tonight, Aaron discusses The Nativity.  This painting is based on Isaiah 7:14.  Aaron goes into the Biblical meaning of the painting and discusses several images in the painting and their significance.  He also discusses the significance of stars and when the wise men actually saw the star and where they came from.

After the wonderful time with Aaron and the podcast ends, the Backstagers go into a time of Bible Study.

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Sun Dec 17, 2023 8:31am I will Accomplish My Purpose 

Lord, I am so privileged to be communicating with you each day.  Thank you for using me to let others know they can hear from you directly as well.  Thank you for this season where we can celebrate the birth of Jesus.  Thank you that I get to be around family at my birthday.  Thank you for this in Jesus name.  Put me in a secret place where I can only hear from you.  No spirits but the Holy Spirit, the Father and the Son.  What would you like me or your children to hear today Lord?

Know that I am God and that I will have my way.  My ways are not your ways and my thoughts are not your thoughts.  I know your thoughts and I know your ways.  I need you to turn from your wicked ways and understand that vengeance is mine.  This world is giving most all of my children trouble, but I tell you to take heart as I have overcome the world.  Don’t you see that you are not of this world.  You will have peace if you realize this and just walk closely with me.  Worship to better understand my ways and my thoughts.  Then you start to see things from your creators perspective vs. your flesh.  This is important as I love my children with an everlasting love and want you to join me in enjoying this journey as we do things my way.  The troubles you have now in this world will be nothing compared to your heavenly home, but I also want you to take heart in trusting me as you are in this world.  I will be taking my vengeance and I will be executing my will on those that hate me.  However, the timing and expectations you have will be disappointing to you if you are not walking with me.  There have been many victories in these last few years that most of my children did not even see.  Why?  Because they are not walking closely enough with me.  I invite you in to my thoughts and ways.  Do this by worshipping and praising me with thankfulness in your heart.  Read my word for comfort.  Put my word in your heart so that you will know and believe me and understand that I am he.  Before me no other god was formed nor will there be any after me.  You can trust me as I am omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent.  My power exceeds the enemy and all his followers by many times.  I will accomplish my purpose and still give humans free will.  This is the mystery and power and majesty of my ways.

You will understand everything that is going on in this world so much better if I am first in your life.  The trouble you have in this world will diminish greatly as I give you the peace that transcends all understanding.  But you need to stop being anxious.  Instead, by prayer and petition, present your requests to me with thanksgiving.  This is when you will receive that peace that transcends all understanding and I want my children to have that during this time that I judge your enemies and shake everything that can be shaken.  So get into my word, put it in your heart, worship me and then spend time alone with me.  That is how you put me first and receive this peace.

As you obey what I tell you specifically, you will be walking in your calling.  Is that not what you want?  To be waking in your calling with me?  Then come to me each day and ask me for the specifics you need to walk the path I have for you.  Then your paths will be straight as I guide you through these perilous times.  Again, do not be anxious, just come to me and seek my face instead.  I will give you gifts because I am a good good father.  I love you my dear child.  Yes, feel my Holy Spirt around you right now.  Pause for a second and feel Him.  Feel the love of Jesus around you and know that the God of the Universe is in control and loves you.  Spend time with me so this peace that you are feeling right now can be consistent.  You are feeling the presence of the Lord.  Come to me daily and I will be there for you.  Seek me and you will find me and you will find your calling and will enjoy the path I guide you on.  Great peace you will feel even during the difficult times ahead.  Therefore, you have nothing to worry about.  I will be with you wherever you go and will commune with you whenever you come to me with prayer and thanksgiving.  So come.  Come every day.

Sat Dec 16, 2023 4:15pm: Activate My Word Back into Your Life

Lord, Thank you for guiding us each day and being available whenever we come to you.  What an awesome privilege.  Thank for loving us so much that you would actually come to earth and die for us.  Thank you for Jesus being our advocate and of sending your helper the Holy Spirit.  Put me in a secret place where I can only hear from you.  Lord, please guide me today and let me know what you would like to share with me and your people.

[Private word for Rick]

I want to speak to my children again.  My Remnant is coming to attention, however, most of my children are still distracted and not coming to attention.  I will continue to shake this world until more of my body wakes up and starts seeking my face.  Life will get very difficult if you continue to give me no time and do not show any care for the word of God I have given you.  These words are active and living, but not if you never read them.  These words can give you peace love joy and all the fruits of the spirit, but not if the words are not in your heart.  My children, can’t you see that this is an epic battle between good and evil happening right now before your eyes?  I am purposely allowing this chaos and allowing those who have given themselves up to the evil one to rock this world like never before.  This will not get better soon for you and your life if you do not take refuge in me.  How can I be your refuge when you do not read my word, do not put my word in your heart, and don’t even pray to me on any consistent basis? Children, awaken!  I gave you my word and the examples of the early church so you can understand the importance of putting me first.  I am not even in the top 10 for most of you.  Your world will stop shaking as soon as you seek my face and hold onto my kingdom that can’t be shaken.

I love all my children and many I am calling that are not part of my body yet.  Yes, I am talking to all of you reading or listening to this right now who are not spending time with me, who are not reading my word, who are not worshipping me.  Now is the time.  Not tomorrow.  Not next Sunday.  Now.  I love you but I cannot show my love and give you protection and guidance without being a true part of your life.  I am now asking you to discern the times.  I have blessed you with the Holy Spirit to convict you and guide you toward me.  Come to the Father who loves you through the Son.  My Son gave his life for you and I know you intellectually are aware of that.  However, I need your heart, not just your mind.  Many of you have come into my body by being justified and saved, but you are bearing no fruit.  How can I continue to keep you safe and feed you from my vine if I am an almost irrelevant part of your life?  This is the time to come to attention.  Listen to what I am saying to you now.  Get into my word and read it.  Focus on it and seek my face.  You will find great comfort in my word and it will once again be living and active in your life.  Make my word a key part of your life.  Put me first in your life and I will make your paths straight.  However, if you continue to deprioritize me and not have me first in your life, I will continue to let this shaking shake your life directly until I get your attention.  I love you too much to let you sleep and fall into the enemy’s hands.  Fight with me.  Fight for your faith, my child.  Fight now.  It is not that difficult, but it does require you to make a choice.  Put me first and learn the path I have for you that will keep you under my protection, or keep me out of your life and see your life shake like never before.  Save yourself some heartache and suffering.  Seek me first today and make a commitment to put me first.  Come back to your first love, my child, come back to me now.  I will give you rest.  I will give you hope and a future.

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