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Reactions to Colorado Trump Ballot Battle. Aaron Antis LIVE. B2T Show Dec 20, 2023

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The Colorado supreme court disqualifies Trump from the state’s primary ballot.  Speaker Mike Johnson posts that we will the US Supreme Court set aside this decision.  Mike Johnson has come under heavy attack for being a RINO when he did not protect us from being surveilled by FISA.  Lara Logan is saying he’s a RINO and dismissing him just as they do McCarthy and Ryan.

FISA goes both ways like Q talks about it.  Don’t judge Mike Johnson for the FISA.  Rick is waiting for what comes out about Mike Johnson.

The White House distances itself from the Colorado fight.  Karine Jean Pierre says the White House cannot comment on anything to do with the 2024 election in a press conference.  Then in a later article, Biden is asked a question from a reporter.  He says he can’t comment but then goes over to the reporter.  He backs the Colorado Supreme Court.  It’s going to come back to bite him.  Biden says Trump supported insurrection.

Legal experts say what Colorado is doing violates the Constitution.  This puts the country on a slippery slope.  This is showing a panic from the deep state.  Trump is going to expose all the deep state has been doing so they are doing everything to take him down.  Rick says “This is a true battle for our Constitution as well as the world.”  This will all end up at the Supreme Court.  This will wake more people up.

Vivek says he will withdrawal from the ballot in Colorado.  Rick points to the ‘X’ post.  Rick believes Vivek has been flipped but we always have to be on guard. Musk?? Rogan??? Could be either a black hat or white hat but Rick believes they’ve been flipped.

RFK Jr slams the decision from Colorado.  “Real democracy doesn’t work this way.”  Let the voters choose not the courts.  Politico is reporting that California is now exploring every legal option to remove Trump from their ballot as well.  This shows you all branches of our government have been captured.

Rick also discusses Delta and American Airlines transporting illegals and what they are given when they arrive.  We see a video of young lady showing the lines of illegals waiting to board flights.  President Trump uses the Tippy Top term again.  We have a whistleblower talking about Climate Change being a scam and Trump’s Truths talking about a banana republic

We then go into Rick’s alone time with God and Aaron Antis joins Rick for a discussion about more of his dad’s paintings as well as a Bible study that goes along with the painting.  Tonight, Aaron discusses The Nativity.  This painting is based on Isaiah 7:14.  Aaron goes into the Biblical meaning of the painting and discusses several images in the painting and their significance.  He also discusses the significance of stars and when the wise men actually saw the star and where they came from.

After the wonderful time with Aaron and the podcast ends, the Backstagers go into a time of Bible Study.

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