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Paxton Sues Pfizer for Jab. Trump Gagged Again. PraiseNPrayer! B2T Show Nov 30, 2023

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Rick starts the evening discussion talking about Ken Paxton, governor of Texas, filing charges against Pfizer for their misrepresentation of the effectiveness of the COVID-19 shot.  The company used misleading information to bully Americans into getting the shot with the promise they were protecting their loved ones and friends.  The difficulty with this lawsuit is the company was given immunity from prosecution however, if you knowingly hurt people, you can fall.  This is an issue with cabal funded companies.  There is way too many people in the medical cartel, the Rockefeller system.  They implemented this system in the 1930s the Flexner report was used to kill all the natural schools that taught natural health.  The cabal medicine is sorcery, Pharmacia.

An appeals court has reinstated the gag order in President Trumps fraud case.  The gag order was issued, then removed, and now its back.  He has already been fined twice for violating the order.  We know this judge is a Trump hater.  Rick says they may even try to put him in jail, which will backfire just like the famous mug shot.

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Rick goes on to discuss an article about an Army vet that was kicked out of a nursing home to make room for migrants.  He also speaks about an ordeal with Trump and McCarthy as well as a Truth from President Trump.  Rick plays a video from Tucker Carlson where he talks about the CIA.  Ricks discusses several other articles.

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Rick then talks about words he is getting from the Lord as well as Julie Green’s word.  He highlights the Neighborhood groups that meet during the week.

We then move on to PraiseNPrayer as well as Bible study.

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