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Pastor Art Free at Last! Aaron Antis LIVE. B2T Show Sep 20, 2023

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Pastor Art is free at last!  He was found guilty in the sham trial several months ago and was sentenced this week for “mischief” when he gave a sermon during the Truckers Convoy.

The sentence was 60 days in prison, but his time already served was 70+ days so he is free!

Pastor Art is still appealing the conviction to get it off his record!  Please continue to pray for him to be successful.

Rick covers other news including Biden planning on hiring 20k Americans with no experience to fight climate change!

Another waste of taxpayer dollars and Rick believes this is similar to funding Antifa and other left wing organizations that are meant to just divide us and drive us into more debt.

We also review Trump fighting Jack Smith on who should be the judge in the case as well as Garland getting drilled on Capital Hill.

We see San Francisco having record deaths of Fentanyl exceeding 3 deaths per day with gas prices in California exceeding $6 a gallon.

Rick reads the first paragraph from Julie Green that tells us to listen to the Lord for specific instructions:

“So, my children, ask me in your private times with me; I will show you exactly what you have been put on this earth for. Every one of you have been put here for such a time as this. You may not believe it right now or understand it right now. All of you have a special part.”

This is very similar to a word Rick received on August 30:

“Many problems will simply vanish if each person will dedicate time for me as the priority.  The time they spend in my word, the time they spend in prayer, the time they spend worshipping me, will all be rewarded with specific direction and gifts I want to give them…. This is the time to prepare my children.  Not by buying survival food and preparing for what you see in sight, but by faith, spending time with me so I can give each of you specific directions.”

As well as another word on Sep 15:

“But the Remnant also needs to let me be the potter.  They need to be in tune with what I am about to do and submit to me and as I communicate my plans for them to fight.  This is why I need to be communicating directly to each individual in my Remnant.  Spend time with me.  Be in my word.  Worship me and spend time alone with me.  Then you will know exactly how to use your full armor of God.  You will know exactly when and where to fight.  You all have different missions and commands that you will receive from me.  The body has different parts and each of you will be used in different ways.  So listen.  Seek my face.  Then I will communicate very clearly to you.  Stop looking to others to find your direction.  It’s ok to listen to the prophets to understand the overall direction of my ways.  But to understand the specific path and mission I have for you, I need you to spend more time listening to me than to others.”

Aaron Antis then comes on live and we get an update on the ReAwaken Tour.

We learn about Malik Obama speaking at this one as well as learn that Eric Trump requested Clay come back to Doral for 2 reasons:

  • to house all the people that could not make it after it sold out last time.
  • because Trump feels Florida will be a key battleground in 2024

Aaron also reviewed the story of his father, Henry, and how he changed form an award-winning wildlife painter to painting about the life of Christ.

However, he was diagnosed years before with massive heart damage based on having over 20 heart attacks in 3 days and they did not know if he would survive.

Instead, after prayer and intercession, he walked out of the hospital with zero problems several days later.

The chart reads that the patient recovered from “an unknown phenomenon” and days later the physician treating Henry came to Christ in Henry’s office due to this miracle.

Most of the paintings were because of actual visions that Henry received.

We review the details of the parable of the sower story in the Bible and how it relates to the Parable of the Sower painting.

All 12 paintings can be found here:

We also have a Q&A from Backstagers with Aaron and he gives his advice on where to start reading the Bible to assure you have a personal relationship with Jesus.

He also answers questions about his family’s’ artistic talents and more.

We pray for Aaron and then worship to a few music videos before going backstage for training and a Bible Study with Gus.

You can have access now for FREE to all the Backstage live and recordings by joining the Backstage Ministry here:

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