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New Plans to Attack Your Water, Air, Food & Medicine. Dr. Ardis LIVE. B2T Show Jul 11, 2023

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Dr. Ardis comes on live and Rick shows him the latest prophetic word from Julie Green that confirms what Ardis has been telling us:

“Call down and deny the power of another virus. They have a few. Well, if this one works, we don’t have to deploy the rest; but if this one doesn’t work, we’ll deploy them all at once. We’ll use their water supply. We’ll use the air they breathe. We’ll use the food they eat. We’ll use the medicines they take.”

Dr. Ardis says what he liked most about the word was the part that said “the medicines they take” since much of the Big Pharma medicines are isolated venom.

The symptoms of venom poisoning is identical to what the medical industry is calling a virus.

Dr. Ardis continues to believe that the primary way they are delivering these venoms is through our tap water.

However, as he has explained as well, they can be passed through the air, through our food, and through our medicine.

Graphene oxide also does much of the same damage to our cells as venom.

Dr. Ardis explains how they are using all these mechanisms to create diabetes.

Diabetes II patients were the most susceptible to so-called COVID (really venom) and Dr. Ardis believes this is why they continue to predict a massive increase in diabetes.

However, diabetes can be reversed naturally as described in this book Dr. Ardis recommends:

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