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Biden’s Fall in Full Force! Trump on 2024 Ticket? PraiseNPrayer! B2T Show Jul 10, 2023

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Even some Democrats and establishment media from the left are starting to bail on Biden.

A left-wing outlet, the Atlantic, allowed an article to be published called “Step Aside, Joe Biden.”

Axios also put out an article about Joe’s meanness to his staff and constant use of vulgar language and verbally assaulting his staff.

Then there is the constant new whistleblower, emails and other data exposing the Biden Crime family.

At least one prophetic word from Julie Green showed that the Elites have given up on Biden and are letting him go.  They are working on a way to switch him out before the 2024 election.

Rick reviews the latest prophetic word from Julie Green where the Lord tells us how important his word is:

“It’s all in my will. My will is my word. Read it. The more you read, I will give you those revelations of what my word is saying to you and not some man’s doctrine or some form of my work.”

Rick shares his experience in Israel where God started speaking directly to him.  The book that encouraged and trained him can be found here: 

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