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New J6 & JFK Footage Destroys Narratives! Clay Clark LIVE. PraiseNPrayer! B2T Show Nov 20, 2023

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We start our news reports with several stories about the J6 footage.  Rick discusses how Capitol Police may have incited the riot and then another story about Matthew Perna, who took his own life, because the courts were trying to label him a terrorist.  These tapes cause questions to arise as the Supreme Court prepares to hear riot cases.

We have our weekly economic update with Dr Dr Kirk Elliot, PhD.  Dr Kirk discusses a statement from the Dutch Central Bank.  Dr. Kirk and Rick chat about what is happening financially in the world.  Check out the video to listen to what Dr. Kirk has to say!!!

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We discuss footage of doctors who treated JFK that destroys another narrative regarding his assassination.  This article discusses the ‘magic bullet’ and how our rouge CIA had part in the assassination that has been hidden for over 50 years.  Rick discusses 2 other articles that deal with the assassination.

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