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Mitt Romney to Retire. Scott Bennett LIVE. B2T Show Sep 13, 2023

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Mitt Romney will not run for re-election in 2024 and he bashes both Trump and Biden in his video announcement.

Mitt also talks about the false climate change hoax showing his globalist RINO ways.

However, the fact that he also throws Biden under the bus shows that the establishment are no longer protecting Biden.

Rick believes based on their behavior and prophetic words from the past that they will try to replace Joe with Gavin Newsome or Michelle Obama.

They likely will figure a way to get rid of Kamala and make an unconstitutional move that we need to call down by our authority in Christ.

We can use this authority to also call Trump back into office.

However, it is looking like these indictments against Trump may end up being used (by the Lord and the white hats) as a major vehicle to awaken millions more people.

Rick reviews breaking news around the impeachment inquiry, Putin’s calling out the indictments as showing how sick the American system is and more.

Rick reads Julie Green’s lates prophetic word where the Lord tells us about the globalist laughing at the pain they have caused us:

“They literally laughed at your death. They laughed at the sickness. They laughed at the pain. They laughed at the medication you had to be given. They laugh. They laugh at what they have done to destroy my earth, to destroy my nations, to destroy the food and the water. Well, they have laughed, but I will tell you, I will always have the last laugh.”

Then Scott Bennett comes on live and discusses his background working for multiple administrations and his experience will military intelligence.

Scott talks about the many books he has written and his view on Trump, Biden, Putin, Ukraine and much more.

Rick asks him to detail his knowledge of the history of Russia, Ukraine and the real reason for the war.

Scott’s expansive knowledge is explained across many subjects including his knowledge of the Bible and how God may be judging the US, but could also rescue us.

Backstagers ask questions about Australia, Sweeden and Scott’s insight to what might transpire across the globe these next few years.

We then pray for Scott with 6-7 prayer warriors lifting him up.

Then we worship to the music video “First Things First” before going backstage for a Bible Study led by Gus.

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