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Michelle to Replace Joe on Ticket? Revelation 6. PraiseNPrayer! B2T Show July 20, 2023

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According to Roger Stone, Michelle Obama will replace Biden on the Democratic ticket for 2024.

Rick believes that this will happen much sooner than November of 2024 where Biden will be let go by the elites as they try to switch to Obama or Newsome.

Yes, that is unconstitutional, but they don’t care.  We need to pray against their plans and they will fail.

We also see another Twitter files being released that shows Big Tech censoring medical information based on organizations that were political in nature and not based on science.

The Twitter misinformation files came at a perfect time as there are house hearings being conducted with people under oath that will have a harder time lying.

These files show that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was censored heavily even though he was presenting factual information.

At the House hearings, Democrats tried to censor RFK Jr. even more by reducing his time on the floor.

The Dems and RINOs continue to expose themselves as protectors of Big Pharma and the medical cartel.

We learn more about the FBI whistleblower on the Biden Bribery Allegation, but MSNBC and CNN give 9X the coverage to Trump over the whistleblower.

Rick believes there will be an imminent air attack on Iran’s nuclear capabilities by Israel as Iran moves closer to an atom bomb test.

We learn more about Jack Smith with another leak and Trump discusses the danger of weaponizing the DOJ against him since the American people will not allow for it.

We learn of a transgender athlete being an Antifia super soldier and how an ex-ABC reporter pleads guilty to child porn.

We learn more about the IRS whistleblower who “felt handcuffed” and was told they would get into “hot water” if they tried to interview Biden adult members.

Rick then reads the two latest words the Lord gave him from his blog on the neighborhood; “Rick’s Alone Time with God.”  The Lord wants us to focus:

“Focus on me like never before.  Come before my throne with confidence.  Spend time with me and let me speak directly to you.  I will be your refuge.  I will show you the way to go.  This is the time to have tears that will listen.”

We then start PraiseNPrayer where Rick teaches on Revelation 6 which covers the first 6 seals and the 4 horses in between praise and worship videos.

We get to learn of multiple different interpretations and Rick’s thoughts on each.

We pray for several people and blow the shofar at the end.

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