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Michelle to Replace Joe? Clay Clark LIVE. PraiseNPrayer! B2T Show Sep 18, 2023

Show Notes

More and more people are recognizing that the elites are allowing Biden to fall.

Biden is doing too much damage and Kamala is even less popular.  Therefore, they have to change horses.

Now the questions is to who?  They don’t want McCarthy, so they will have to make moves quickly to bring in Gavin Newsome or Michelle Obama.

Last week we showed Roger Stone saying it would be Michelle and this week we have Ted Cruz saying it will be Michelle.

Rick believes that the elites will try to make this switch well before the 2024 election due to Biden’s declining mental and physical being.

We cover other breaking news around Ken Paxton Senators acquitting him on all 16 counts where the most votes against him were 14 compared to the 21 needed.

The Busch Dynasty of control in Texas has ended!

MAGA now controls Texas and the 70% of republicans in the House are now targets in upcoming elections as most exposed themselves as RINOs.

This entire movie that is playing out that the Lord has orchestrated is exposing all the RINOs and those hiding in the cracks.

We also see more incriminating evidence against Joe and Hunter now even being reported in the leftist media.

This clearly shows, Joe’s days are numbered.

Another Cabal approach to stop Trump would be a “Climate Emergency” and we see the first signs as California sue the big oil companies over climate change.

This is full narrative control as the state of California and the large oil companies are both controlled by the elites.

Bidenomics is taking a toll and mortgage applications have crashed.

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We learn Matt Gaetz may be running for Governor in 2026 in Florida and that his focus right now is getting Trump elected in 2024.

Rick brings on Clay Clark and we discuss the ReAwaken Tour and now Trumps entire inner circle is now on stage.

The next event is in Miami followed by Calinfornia.

Rick asks about Malik Obama and other new guests.

We also discuss Rosanne Barr’s time on stage where she “came out of the closet” to discuss being a Rabi and how we need to better understand the Jewish Jesus!

Clay discussed Yuval Noah Harrari and how he appears to be a potential false prophet that Revelation discusses.

Clay also points us to his teachings on the Bible and current events that point to us being in the end times.

Afterwards Rick teaches on Revelation 21 where we learn about the New Heaven and the New Earth as well as the New Jerusalem.

We worship to beautiful praise videos in between several teaching segments.

We also hear multiple praise reports and lift up specific prayer requests.

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