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McCarthy’s Out? Trump Responds. Meri Crouley LIVE. B2T Show Oct 3, 2023

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Only an hour before the B2T Show started, McCarthy was ousted from being Speaker of the House.

Eight Republicans voted for his ousting as every Democrat voted (in block as usual) for the ouster as well.

President Trump seemed to not support the move as he posted on Truth Social:

“Why is it that Republicans are always fighting among themselves, why aren’t they fighting the Radical Left Democrats who are destroying our Country?”

Trump also exposed more information about the corrupt prosecutor in New York, who purposely undervalued Trumps Net Worth drastically.

Also, a video of the judge unearthed that show the judge talking about over-riding the decisions of juries.

Rick discussed Monday about how Trump is a master at exposing information with such a huge platform, that he can affect behavior.

We may have seen this as the judge seemed to back off his biased stance of not applying statute of limitations that an appellate court ruled on.

Trump also said he would testify in the case “at an appropriate time”

Meri Crouley comes on Live to discuss her perspective on the times we are in.

She feels we are in the time of exposure.

Meri also gives us her feeling on timing and feels Trump will be back by March of 2024.

We get a word from the Lord live for all before we go to the individual prophesying.

Meri gives specific words to many Backstage that puts several in tears as she prophesizes things that she would have no idea.

Rick and Gus talked about this afterwards about her amazing words.

Gus received a powerful word about delivering much of the distribution of wealth in the great wealth transfer.

Meri was able to get through everyone who had their hand up and although it was time to leave, she received a word for Rick and the B2T Ministry at the end.

Listen to this powerful word about 15 minutes before the completion of the video.

Then Rick plays several Worship Videos before we go Backstage.

Backstage we discuss progress on Project Children Rescue (PCR) and pray for the children and the military and against the Media across the nations.

After PCR, we move to Impactor for Truth training where we have a powerful session discussing spiritual gifts.

Each person discussed what spiritual gifts they desired to serve others and Rick prayed over each one to receive these gifts.

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