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Juan O’Savin LIVE. MTG Get’s Booted. PraiseNPrayer! B2T Show Jul 6, 2023

B2T Show

Disney’s stock is losing support due to risks of less park visits combined with movie losses and less distribution revenue.

Many stocks of woke companies will continue to implode.

Kirk Elliott comes on the show and discusses the continued loss of the dollar as the world currency.

Rick reviews the spat with Lauren Boebert and Morjorie Taylor Green.  He’s hoping MTG has not turned as Lauren took the high road with a focus on Biden and the Democrats.

Rick reviews other news showing the DOJ continues to try and protect Biden and Hunter but is attacking many around the Trump orbit.

Rick then reads and analyzes the June 28 prophetic word from Amanda Grace.  This word discusses the presidential rat race and proxies:

“And the spirit of the Lord says this day, oh, the races, says the Lord. The rat race. The race run in the flesh. Who shall be led by my Spirit, says the Lord? And says the Lord of host; proxies. The race for the highest seat. Proxies have entered the race. Proxies that have made deals with other nations who are being funded through a double-blind shell company says the Lord.”

The word also discusses what our focus should be:

“Use your authority my Children through Christ Jesus. For it shall weaken its plans and cause a retreat.”

Rick reviews the entire prophecy before bringing Juan on live.

Juan details the progress we have made in this battle and how previous eras of patriots underestimated the monster we are fighting.

Juan also discusses many other topics around how we need to take action quickly as this is the last chance.

The Deep State is about to take full control with AI and the giving away of sovereignty to the UN, WHO, etc.

Juan also reviews the importance of focusing on the Lord and fighting this with the Lord’s help.

Elizabeth from Australia prays for Juan and Juan prays for Australia!  Others pray for Juan and then we move to PraiseNPrayer.

We get into deep worship, hear numerous praise reports and the prayer warriors lift up specific prayer requests.

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