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Juan 0’Savin LIVE! Next Speaker: Jordon or Trump? B2T Show Oct 4, 2023

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McCarthy confirms he will not run again for Speaker of the House.

Jim Jordon has announced that he will run and rumors are swirling that Trump is being asked to run.

Trump answered questions about becoming speaker when the press saw him and he said “I will do what’s best for the country…” but he also said “there are great people in the House that would do a great job as Speaker…”

Steve Scalese also has decided to run for Speaker.

Juan O’Savin comes on live and believes it is a real possibility that Trump could come back into office through the Speaker route.

He acknowledges that the RINOs would work to keep him out, but as the massive voter fraud continues to mount, who knows what the RINOs will do as the fraud becomes more and more evident.

Juan discusses the importance of numbers and the fact that they decided to extend the date until the next budget issue for 45 days.  Yes 45 days with the possibility of 45 coming back.

This is a low probability but who knows what exposure will create in the upcoming days.

Juan and his wife Jen have new merchandise with the artwork of “2020, It is not over yet!”

They have also released a pure new Silver Coin that has the Trump Matador on the front side and the Trump arrest photo on the back with “Slaves No More” under the arrest photo.

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Rick reviews other news before Juan comes on primarily around Trump outing the New York prosecutor and the RNC showing it’s RINO attitude.

Rick reviews the updated Vision/Mission as well as expansion plans for B2T Ministries as well as the new Partner program.

Juan goes into multiple stories that parallel Biblical stories and how they apply to today.

He says the only military tribunals that are taking place are investigatory type trials.

Rick let this go as Juan was very passionate about this.  Rick believes that we have infiltrated the infiltrators and have recorded many tribunals already, done deals with many and sent them back out to expose and record the secret societies.

Without the infiltration by the White Hats the Black Hats would still be in total control and we know they are not.

Rick agrees with Juan that everything will be public like the Nuremburg Trials.

Juan is a great man of God who gives us encouragement and brings us back to Biblical truth.

It’s worth the time to understand the stories that he weaves!

After Juan is finished, we worship to the song “No Longer Slaves” that mirrors much of the sentiment of the new silver coin that says “Slaves No More!”

Then we go Backstage where Gus teaches a Bible Study.

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