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Johnson: Biden’s Actions Impeachable. War False Flag Warning. PraiseNPrayer! B2T Show Oct 30, 2023

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Mike Johnson is interviewed by Sean Hannity and Maria Bartiromo and makes it clear he feels Biden’s actions are likely impeachable.

He is recommending moving forward on the impeachment inquiry.

Johnson is also working to separate the Israel funding from the Ukraine funding and they have a full plate of issues to resolve Government funding on 12 separate funding bills.

The House also has other critical items around Congress disciplinary actions.

Rick discusses more around what he feels is the false Khasarian Jew theory and he shows a Genetic study showing there was no evidence for this theory.

Jen Psaki, former Press Secretary, did a show where she says we should be scared of Mike Johnson because he is a Christian and supported Trump.

The Biden administration tried to argue that we should support Ukraine funding because war is good for our economy.

We also see major carriers from multiple countries moving into the Mediterranean Sea.

Rick shows a graphic of all the ships in the area and reminds everyone of the Listitania false flag that started WWI and the Peal Harbor false flag that started WWII

Rick predicts they will try and do this again and get us to try to support a war with Iran.

An author of a new book claims that Obama selected Joe Biden for VP because he was “bad with money” and wanted a someone who was poor at the time.

Rick reviews an article of the large-scale cover-up of Biden’s criminal activities by the FBI and DOJ.

Rick believes the Cabal wants a war as soon as possible to cover up the exposure that is happening.

War also historically helps Presidents win elections and boy does Biden need help.

As Trump continues to be attacked, more people are waking up to the Police State we are living in.

The problem the Deep State has is that the more they attack the more popular Trump gets and the MAGA movement continues to gain even more momentum.

Rick then brings on Gordon of and discusses the unique approach of the Biblical Healing Oil that uses frankincense and myrrh.

We review an article of all the natural healing benefits of frankincense and myrrh and we see why it is far more effective than essential oils due to the smoke and infusion process vs. boiling and other methods.

For the next week or so, you can get a free bottle of oil using the code AGES if you spend more than $99 on the other oils.  You also get a 20% off using the B2T code at

Rick teaches on the 2nd half of Hebrews 10 where we learn more from God’s word about the Full Assurance of Faith.

Then we move to PraisenPrayer and hear praise reports from Teresa (first time walking in the park with her dogs with the walker) Linda (progress in getting SUV fixed) and Elizabeth (new Shofar from Israel).

We worship the Lord with awesome music videos and life up many prayer requests as well.

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