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Joe’s 82k Pages of eMails. Hamas Backfire! Aaron Antis LIVE. B2T Show Oct 31, 2023

Show Notes

We soon will see the damage of the 82 thousand pages of emails that have been discovered from Joe Biden’s 3 alias’s while he was the VP.

Joe was going by ‘Robert L. Peters,’ ‘Robin Ware,’ and ‘JRB Ware’ in this massive trove of emails.

Republicans are looking to see how many relate to Hunter Biden’s business partners and it looks like there are thousands.

Also, 2 of these were not even government emails.  The 3 emails were: ‘,, and’

The next segment discussed was “The Hamas Backfire!”

Rick discusses his views on the Israel war based on insight from the prophets, knowledge of the Deep State, his Border trip to Israel in June and the current propaganda.

Rick feels that rouge agents in the intelligence agencies (Mossad, CIA, etc.) blinded Netanyahu and the IDF to allow the Oct 7 massacre to happen.

The globalists were very close to destroying the US and Israel from the inside with progressive “useful idiots” and creating massive division between race, class, gender, vaccinated or not, etc.

Rick saw this first hand in Israel with massive Pride flags everywhere in Tel Aviv and all the protests of just trying to change minor things with their leftist Israel Supreme Court.

However, the massive exposure of the Biden Crime family, the Medical Cartel and the vaccine bioweapon, the RINOs, the Police State, etc.  All being exposed rapidly!

The globalist realized they needed a much larger distraction and the need for a world war.

The Muslim extremist had assembled a huge arsenal of 100s of thousands of rockets in the North with Hezbolah, the West with Syria-based Iran-militias and with Hamas in Gaze.

The plan was to wipe out Israel with attacks from all 3 areas at the same time like the Yom Kippur war 50 years ago.  They planned to overwhelm them this time before the reservists could assemble.

The globalists want Israel to exist to always have destabilization that they need to keep the focus off of them.  Therefore, they baited Hamas to attack without coordinating with the other groups.

This allowed the globalist elites to quickly get everyone worldwide to fight and be divided in yet another way; side with Palestine or Israel.

This also allows the elites to create conflict on an ongoing basis and involve other countries in an attempt to get to WWIII and stop the exposure of the elites.

The problem is this has already started to backfire.  Now the “destroy Israel from within” strategy is dead as Israel unites.

Israel will end up being safer after destroying Hamas and much of the attack infrastructure of Hezbollah and the Iran militias.

The globalists have had a small temporary victory in getting everyone fighting and divided, but it exposed the progressives in Israel and soon will expose even further the globalists in our intelligence organizations.

According to Amanda Grace, the Lord will Yoke both Netanyahu and Trump for his purposes.

Israel and the US will be saved vs. destroyed.

Rick demonstrates 2 new sites about the January 6 attacks.  One gives tons of stories about individuals and families being tortured and murdered.  The other is a map showing similar storage via a map.

Rick covers new evidence of those vaccinated dying suddenly at a much higher rate than those not vaccinated.

Rick reads part of Julie’s latest prophetic word that tells us a finale is coming, so prepare by getting close to the Lord:

“My children around the world will unite in this finale because they will see who I am; the great I AM… My children, get into my word and study who I am. Get to know really who I am. Miracles, signs, and wonders that I did for my people in my written word, I have so much more for you in this time because you are part of the latter rain, and I am raining down my glory, revelation knowledge like never before.”

Then Aaron Antis comes on and tells his story about his dad’s 12 paintings of the life of Christ.

Henry Antis received visions of the first 2 paintings.  The first was the crucifixion, the second vision was of the birth of Christ.  The other 10 were key events throughout Christ’s ministry.

All 12 prints of the paintings can be found at:

Potential great Christmas presents as they are now priced at only $77.

Aaron then does a teaching based on the “First Communion” painting.

He gives a powerful scripture after scripture teaching that relate to the painting.

Don’t miss his teaching on the 5 cups on the table!

We pray for Aaron and then go backstage to pray for the Children in Project Children Rescue (PCR).

You can have access now for FREE (in a pay forward model) to all Backstage live and recordings by joining the Backstage Ministry here in a pay forward model:

October 31, 2023 – Julie Green’s Prophetic Word Highlighting by B2T –WORD LIVE DURING THE SHOW

***For I the Lord this day, I am telling you, my children, that a great finale is coming, a finale your enemies will never see. They will never see it coming because they’re not looking for me. They have their own way and they have their own plan, but a great finale is coming; a finale that the world will celebrate, a finale that the world will unite. My children around the world will unite in this finale because they will see who I am; the great I AM. I am the God of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob.##

***My children, get into my word and study who I am. Get to know really who I am. Miracles, signs, and wonders that I did for my people in my written word, I have so much more for you in this time because you are part of the latter rain, and I am raining down my glory, revelation knowledge like never before. I’m giving you a boldness that you have never felt before, a boldness when you speak my word, a boldness when you stand on my word, a boldness when you resist your enemies; and remember when you resist them, they must flee.##

***This is a great time of a jubilee, a great time where you will see your enemies flee. This is a great time, my children, so, look to me because many things that you are about to see will bring many people to their knees. Some it will bring to their knees in prayer, in thanksgiving, in praise because they heard my words. They obeyed my words. They looked forward to my words and they were looking forward to what I was doing. They believed and trusted in me, in my authority, and they will celebrate and shout with great thanksgiving. But others will be brought to their knees because of shock, awe, and some in fear.##

***It’s bringing confusion to your enemies. Yes, great confusion, but some of my body who were not looking for me, who were not listening to my words, great confusion and great fear. On one side, there’ll be great darkness upon this earth and on the other side, there’ll be great light. I am doing things for you, my children, to a degree, to a scale that I have never done before. I have mentioned the Red Sea many times because it brought my children into shock and awe of my power, of my deliverance, of my protecting, and of me holding and restraining back their enemy before their face and then seeing the defeat of their enemy, but you are about to see a defeat far greater than that.##

***You may not be able to understand this right now, for what you are about to see is greater than the Red Sea. You had many more enemies pursuing you from all directions. The pharaohs of today that I’ve talked to you about, soon you will shout. I am putting a gag order on them. I have shut the mouths of the lions before and soon you will see that I will shut the mouths of your enemy.##

***My children, fear is growing, a great fear is growing in Washington D.C. Yes, a great fear is growing because of me. They see things aren’t working. They see things are falling apart. No matter what they do, no matter how much money they use, no matter the plans they have, it’s falling. It’s falling, it’s falling, it’s falling apart. They’re losing control. Their narrative is not working like it used to. Their news media is not controlling the masses. Their puppet can’t speak like he used to. He can’t be controlled like he used to because his functioning and his mind and his body are weakening by the day.##

***I say, things are not how they appear. Many things that you will see are not how they appear to be. I have told you of an unmasking. You think it’s just one. Well, I will tell you, my children, it is a ton. There are many people that you see that are not how they appear to be. I will say this again, many actors are in your capital. Many actors are in your capital, and soon you will see why. Things have already started. Yes, a great falling away, great removals because the tides have turned and the storm that I’ve talked to you about is upon them. So, resist. Resist them like you’ve never resisted them before. Decree my words like you never have before. Shout your enemies’ defeat like you never have before.##

***Something big is coming. Something big is coming. Exposures are coming like never before; explosive, dynamic, powerful like a nuclear bomb. Truth, like a nuclear bomb. There’s nowhere for them to run and there’s nowhere for them to hide. The truth will always, always, always be the final say because I am truth and I will have my way. So, my children this day, stand, stand, stand, and shout, but be persistent and resist the enemy.##

***Call down every plot, every plan, every scheme. Call them down, call them down. You’ll see them try, you’ll see them try, but you’ll also see them fail. So, get up, get up this day. Get up, I say. I have much for you to do and I have much for you to receive. For I the Lord this day, I am telling you, my children, this is the time that you have been waiting on. This is what you’ve been praying for. Your deliverer is going to be seen, sayeth the Lord.##

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