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Israel Set to Attack Iran Nukes? Mel K LIVE. B2T Show Apr 16, 2024.

Show Notes

Rick believes that Israel will use this opportunity to take out Iran’s nuclear capabilities.

Confirmation has come from several sources that Israel has decided to attack Iran and has delayed entering Rafa in Gaza until after the Iran attack.

We discuss the Khazarian Jew theory that Johnny Enlow discussed last month on Elijah Streams.

Rick agreed with 95% of what Enlow talked about except 1 major item, which is the false story of the Khazarian King and the source documents around that story.

Rick discusses how the Rothschilds are evil and the rouge parts of the Israel Mossad intelligence agency are evil as well.  However, he shows his blog “The Khazarian Jew Myth” that shows that this theory was based on flawed source documents.

This theory is refuted by DNA evidence, linguistic evidence, historical evidence and archeological evidence.  There is negative evidence as well. His blog points to 2 articles and video and analysis of modern day prophets statements on Israel and Netanyahu.

This does not mean everything Israel is doing is good.  Rick encourage us to pray for Israel and Netanyahu to be in God’s will.

Iran is now threatening to use “weapons it has never used before” if Israel attacks.  Rick believes they are referring to nuclear weapons and many believe they are within days of having the necessary uranium needed.

Rick believes that the Oct 7 attack was allowed by the Intelligence Agencies to create major chaos, but the Lord used this to eliminate the coordinated plan of the extreme Muslims where Hamas will be wiped out and much of the capability of Hezbollah and Iran will now lose much of its progress for Nukes.

We see the Uniparty/Security State pushed FISA forward despite Trump’s wish to kill it.

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We review Trumps latest Election Interference trail in New York with Alvin Bragg.

The Deep State exposes themselves as the judge says Trump has to be there everyday for 6 weeks and can’t even attend Barron’s graduation.

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Rick covers more news before having Mel K come on the show and we delve into the topic of the Rothschilds and what power they have and don’t have.

We explore the BIS and how they are at the very top of control.

Mel K has deep knowledge of the powers based on her follow the money approach.

Her website has massive resources here that backups her deep knowledge:

We explorer the attacks on her and General Flynn and her approach now that has her going to the Lord every morning based on advice from Rosanne Barr.

Mel shares her personal relationship with General Flynn and her journey to just speaking truth.

We also discuss the Khazarian Jew theory and her love of history.

We end with prayer where 5 of us lift Mel up as she fights on the front lines!

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