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Illinois Removes Trump from Ballot. NYC a Sanctuary? PraiseNPrayer! B2T Show Feb 29, 2024

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Let’s dig into the News…

Rick starts the evening with show a cartoon by Ben Garrison showing Biden not able to be charged because he is mentally incompetent and also saying he must be re-elected because he is still sharp.

Illinois judge removes Trump from ballot because of ‘insurrectionist ban’.  This article is from CNN.  Rick says no one else is really talking about it because they know it’s too late.  He says “He loves when they expose their hand so well.”

Rick shows a clip of an interview with President Trump on Real America’s Voice talking about another illegal alien that murdered a young lady.  President Trump says this is a very sad situation for our country.

An article shows Athens Mayor attempts to shift blame over Laken Riley’s death and it doesn’t go well.  Rick shows a clip of the press conference where reports yell out to him; “Liar and says he has blood on his hands.”

MYC Mayor Eric Adams wants to change ‘sanctuary city’ status.  He is calling for a change as the city continues to buckle under the pressure of the migrant crisis.

Letitia James sues beef producer for ‘misleading’ public about the environmental impact of agriculture.  This is basically about climate change.

In Trump’s Truths, he has a post saying Joe Biden & the Democrats created the border crisis which shows a compilation of pictures to back up his statement.

In another Truth, President Trump has a link to a National Pulse article saying Trump’s first term border achievements were, frankly, extraordinary.  Rick shows the full article and discusses it.

Rick shows several more Truths before moving to Democrats are furious over the Supreme Court’s Trump announcement:  ‘Fundamentally Corrupt’  Rick says because the Supreme Court has delayed hearing the case, it is most likely going to move Jack Smith’s trial passed the election, most likely.”

US Senate to vote on a bill to avert government shutdown.  Mike Johnson had to work with the Democrats to get the bill to pass the house because 99 Republicans voted against it.

RFK Jr calls for Rand Paul to replace Mitch McConnel, saying He would be an ‘incredible successor.’  Rick says a lot of people like Rand Paul because he speaks so bluntly and goes against the grain.  Rick believes a lot of the people that have been in government are controlled in some way, so we’ll see.

House Republican chastise Austin in Hill hearing for undisclosed hospital stay.  He basically gave control of defense to someone that was on vacation so there was no one in charge for 4 or 5 days.  Rick says he believes this points to Devolution and who is really in charge, Donald Trump.

After several more articles, Rick brings on Lisa Hill to discuss Cardio Miracle.  Lisa goes into detail about the company and product.

Rick shares his ‘Alone Time with God’ from February 25, 2024 before moving into a Bible study on Luke 1 and PraiseNPrayer.

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Sun Feb 25, 2024 11:53am – Be My Clay 24 Hours a Day

Thank you Lord for Phil 3 and 4 and my life verses about not being anxious and receiving the peace that surpasses all understanding.  Thank you for all the volunteers helping this ministry.  We submit everything to you with thanksgiving.  Put me in a secret place where I can only hear from you.  No spirits but the Holy Spirit the Father and the Son.  What would you like to share with me and your children Lord?

[Private Word for Rick…]

Thank you, Lord. I am submitted to you. Give me ears to hear you better.  What else would you like to share?

My Remnant, this is not the time to back off. It is the time to press in.  Press in to me and put more pressure on our enemies by destroying strongholds with me day after day.  We are in the middle of a great spiritual battle, so now is not the time to get distracted, but just the opposite. It’s time to focus like never before.  Get the word of God in your heart like never before and then listen for my Rhema words.  I will give you revelation.  I will give you even more powerful spiritual gifts.  I will enhance your listening ears.  However, to get all this, I will need you to be in my word and be more present with me when you are not in your alone time with me.  I want to be walking with you in all parts of your day with you being aware of my presence at all times.  This is a new level of maturity I am bringing many of you into now.  First, you will start to hear my Rhema words for you specifically each day during your alone time with me.  But secondly, I am going to start to communicate with you as you go on through your day.  Be available for me to communicate with you and I will start to guide you like never before.  Learn that allowing me to yoke you does not mean that you just spend time alone with me each day with a renewed mind.  It also means being the clay for me 24 hours a day.  Be my willing vessel as I will need you to take action during this time when the enemy is trying to destroy my children.  I can stop this with my eternal power, but again, I want to use my children so they learn the authority I have given them.  This means that my communication will be coming to you during your day in a more clear fashion than ever.  Sometimes this will be random.  You will know it is me.  You do need to test the spirit and understand if you are highly emotional and have not renewed your mind, for the enemy can plant thoughts in you.  Remember, that anything I tell you will not violate my written words.  However, do obey my words on things that may seem random and a bit odd.  That is ok.  I am asking you to do these things to make you more aware of my ongoing presence.  Obey me and I will be able to trust you with even more important and bold tasks going forward.

My Remnant, I do not want you to be anxious during this time.  Just walk with me closely during these times and as you obey me you will see that I am just taking you to another level of maturity in walking with me constantly.

Those of you who are not in my Remnant and have not put me first.  You have made your decision not to reprioritize me.  I give free choice and you will now have to go through this difficult period of time without the peace that transcends all understanding.  I can’t give you an abundant life and all the advantages of walking with me when you are not walking with me.  Change your mindset quickly if you want to participate.  I want all my children to join me, but it is your choice.


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