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FEDs Flag MAGA & Trump Transactions. Speaker Johnson Fail? PraiseNPrayer! B2T Show Jan 18, 2024

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We start our news with an article stating Fed flagged banks transactions with terms like “Trump” and “MAGA”.  Federal officials from the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network of the government instructed banks to comb through customer data if those terms were used in transactions.  Ricks says “If you’re BLM or Antifa, go ahead and burn down the cities but if you happen to walk through the capital on January 6th, you are held in prison for a year and a half before your court date without due process.”  Rick then shows a post from Jim Jordan talking about this.  Representative Jordan said you were also flagged if you bought a Bible or shopped at Bass Pro Shop.

In another article, we see the Senate passes funding bill to stave off government shutdown.  Rick says we see them kick the can again.  The Senate rejected an amendment that would have prevented aid from going to the Palestinian Authority and other governing bodies in Gaza and the West Bank unless they met conditions that include recognizing the state of Israel.  They voted mostly along party lines.

Rick then reads some of Trump’s Truths talking about honoring Melania’s mother.  Rick then goes into other Truths Trump posted talking about Jean Carroll and the lawsuit she has against President Trump.  Rick says he has a disclaimer for this section.  It is PG/R part of the show because Rick wanted to show how crazy this woman is.  See the show for the information about this section as it is graphic.

Ricks shows the US Debt Clock website and discusses how the person running the website puts up a lot of Red Pill information on the site.  He then talks about how the ‘Clock’ shows what the price of silver is supposed to be in 5 years and then says to contact Dr. Dr. Kirk Elliott for a consultation.

Ricks shows a post from Ramaswamy and then shows a picture of President Trump on stage with 17 American flags as well as 17 people on the stage.  Rick goes through several other articles you will find below.

Rick then does a Bible study and goes into our beautiful praise and worship music in our PraiseNPrayer time.

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