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Amanda Grace LIVE! Prophecy Analysis & More! B2T Show Jan 17, 2024

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We start our evening with the headlines Iowa Presidential Caucus Election Results 2024: Donald Trump wins, NBC New projects.  They show a chart with Donald Trump receiving 51% of the vote as well as a map of the state that shows he won 98 out of 99 counties in which he only missed the one county by a few votes.  We see another article from CNN saying Trump’s landslide Iowa win is a stunning show of strength after leaving Washington in disgrace.  Rick says they have to throw in their dagger saying he left Washington in disgrace.  They are trying to show Trump will be a dictator because they know he is going to make them accountable for their crimes.

We then see a report from Forbes saying Trump’s SPAC’s stock hits 14 month high after Iowa Caucus win.  The stock of a blank-check firm that is intending to merge with Truth Social soared this week to its highest price since 2022.

Tucker Calrson takes down Nikki Haley with brutal video.  In Tucker’s Episode 65 video on X, he talks about Haley not being conservative and he walks through the reasons why.  He sais she is weak in dealing with the illegal alien crisis and doesn’t think she had a conservative reaction to the BLM riots as well as other positions on relevant issues.  Rick then shows a Truth from President Trump of an overlay of Haley over Hillary Clintons campaign poster.

Rick also talks about the Federal Government to spend $700k on Trans-inclusive sex ed for 14-year-olds.  The costly program seeks to create an inclusive teen pregnancy program for transgender boys.  The WEF just confirmed a global CBDC.  Rick says ‘Do not comply’  The globalists are admitting they will track what you eat, your travels, who you speak to and everything else you do in life.  Rick shows a video post from X regarding this news.

After reading a couple of words from Rick’s alone time with God, Amanda Grace joins.  She and Rick talk about some recent prophetic words as well as the broadcast Amanda and several others joined to pray for President Trump ahead of the Iowa Caucus.  It is a MUST SEE video, you can find the links to Amanda’s channels below.  Amanda reads some prophetic words and then takes questions from the audience.

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