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DeSantis Twitter Failure. Pentecost Teaching. PraiseNPrayer. B2T Show May 25, 2023

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DeSantis launches his bid for president in a disastrous way on Twitter with no video and they still had major tech problems delaying his speech for over 20 minutes.

This made both Elon and DeSantis look bad as everyone had to move out of Elon’s room and to another room.  There were over 600k users, but that is light compared to other events.

The left and all other candidates leveraged this to take a shot at Ron.

Rick’s take is that DeSantis’s candidacy will just highlight those who are true MAGA and those who faked that they were MAGA the last 6-7 years.

Even a CNN poll shows that 6 in 10 people agree a debt ceiling raise needs to be accompanied by cost cuts.

Top rating agencies are already looking to give the US a credit downgrade even if a deal is made.

Rents are going up far faster than income, so the economy is still faltering.

Rick discusses how he is moving cash out of both his business and personal accounts and into silver due to a lack of trust in bank solvency.

We listen to part of the latest Amanda Grace prophecy and Rick notes the Lord alluding to King Charles being exposed and the fact that the globalist are trying to bring in the anti-Christ early.

Rick brings on Mike from Share Healthcare on LIVE and he discusses the problems with insurance companies and their high costs of having to cover gender changes, abortions and other non-Biblical items.

Share Healthcare does not cover these items and allows it to be much more efficient as well as God honoring.

Rick discusses why he moved away from what he calls Cabal insurance.

Then Rick teaches on the Old Testament Pentecost and how Christ fulfilled each Spring Feast with his first coming.

Then we study the New Testament Pentecost and the amazing day when the Holy Spirit arrived, and the Church Age began!

Afterward, we start PraiseNPrayer and worship our amazing God that ushered in this new promise and gave us the helper of the Holy Spirit.

We get to hear praise reports, worship more, and then pray for subscriber prayer requests.

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