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Amanda Grace LIVE. DeSantis and Con. Inc. B2T Show May 24, 2023

B2T Show

Amanda Grace was delayed but comes on to give us an update on her animals, the property, and her latest teaching/Word from the Lord!

Rick reviews news first around Kari Lake and her new strategy, the timing of Durham testifying to congress and more.

Rick gives his view on how DeSantis entering the race will expose Conservative, inc. or Con, Inc.

He believe this will expose another level of the conservative con game that are controlled by the globalists vs. we the people.

We reveiew Trump attacks Ron DeSantis’s poor record on entitlement programs and Jim Jordon exposes the FBI and IRS attack on whistleblowers.

Rick announces new guests coming on the show in July that include Nino Rodrigues as well as Pastor Craig Hagan of Rhema Bible college.

Then we move to the latest prophetic word from Julie Green where the Lord wants us to focus on Him:

“My children get to know me. Get to know me, the breakthrough God of the breakthrough. Call upon me. Ask me. Expect me to show up. I say in my word, you have not, because you asked not. Call upon me and I will answer you in your good days; I’ll answer you in your darkest of days. I will always answer you. I am always here for you.”

As Amanda is delayed, Rick teaches on Pentecost/The Feast of Weeks and reads from Lev 23 where it tells us to celebrate this forever:

“It is a statute forever in all your dwelling places throughout your generations.”

Amanda calls down Cyrus the Shepard to join us as well as Chester the cat.  She gives an update on Nobel the Pig being moved that will be filmed.  They are also praying about new property.

She also summarizes key points about Pentecost as well as her latest teaching and Word from the Lord discussing the spirits around Germany before Hitler came to power and our situation in the US.

Amanda also gives us insight to her latest word from the Lord that she will release tomorrow.

She will be teaching part 2 of the Germany parallels to our times on Friday.

We go into Q&A from Backstagers and learn more about the animals, her structure for the non-profit organization as well as her advice on what we should be focusing on.

Then the Backstage prayer warriors pray for Amanda, Chris and the Ark of Grace ministry.

We then go backstage where Gus continues his Bible teaching series on Ephesians.

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