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Comey Terrified of Trump 47! New Hunter Felonies? Ohio Brett LIVE. B2T Show May 22, 2024

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Let’s jump into the news…

Former FBI Director James Comey terrified Trump will be re-elected: ‘You must vote for Biden!’

The article has a video clip that Rick shows and talks about how Comey is part of the globalist cabal.

The government cartel paid billions to Walgreens and CVS not to fill Ivermectin – the question is why.

This article goes into great detail about Ivermectin and talks about Cuomo taking it after he slammed it saying it was horse medicine.

According to Dr. Pierre Kory, Ivermectin had the potential to save countless US lives and could have ended the entire pandemic.

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The White House issues a whopping nine corrections to Biden’s NAACP speech transcript.

Biden suggested that he was vice president during the coronavirus pandemic.

Rick says his blunders are getting worse and worse and they’re having trouble covering for him.

House GOP claims Hunter Biden lied under oath multiple times during congressional deposition.

House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith says he has indisputable evidence the first son lied.

In our Trump’s Truth section, we see President Trump posting about the raid on Mar-a-lago.  The FBI was authorized to use deadly force if necessary.

Rick shows a clip of Mike Davis on the War Room with Steve Bannon.  Mike believes the raid was because of the Cross Fire documents that President Trump declassified.

Rick then shows a clip of Steve Bannon saying the raid was an assassination attempt.  Rick believes Bannon took this a little too far by calling it an assassination attempt but says this is scary to think about.

Rick scrolls through President Trump’s Truths and shows several pics of candidates that President Trump endorsed winning their elections.

Polymarket has a new poll with President Trump leading Biden by 16 points, 55% to 39%.

Cohen’s lawyer argues her client is ‘credible’ because he admitted to ‘lying.’

Rep. Stefanik alleges major conflict of interest in Trump trial, calls for judge’s recusal.

This article talks about the judge’s daughter making millions off the democratic candidates.

Ohio Republicans won’t pass legislative fix to allow Biden on November ballot.

Ohio’s Constitutional rules say a candidate must certify their candidacy by August 7th and the Democratic National Convention isn’t until August 19th.

Republican National Committee’s headquarters evacuated after vials of blood addressed to Trump.

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Of course: Biden was plotting with Iran against Israel.

According to a Middle East Eye report, the US was in secret negotiations with Irean, discussing, among other things, their shared desire for a different government in Israel.

Hamas thanks student protesters, dubs them part of the October 7th ‘flood’ to annihilate Jews.

Rick shows a new commercial for Oreo cookies.  They are now supporting the LGBTQ agenda openly by turning Oreo cookie’s filling rainbow colors.

Dylan Mulvaney confuses rhinos with RINOs in video to congressional candidate.

Mulvaney suffered an amusing blunder when praising climate campaigner and “Republican” House of Representatives candidate Julie Fedorchak for “going to the DC Zoo and working with RINOs.”

Ohio Brett joins Rick for an interview.  Brett is America’s encouragement coach, national TV show host, speaker, and co-author.

Brett has a contagious enthusiasm for the Lord.  He is very motivating in his speech.

Brett travels around the county and speaks to groups both large and small about the Lord.

This is a MUST-See interview.

The Backstagers get to pray for Brett before going Backstage for our Wednesday night Bible Study.

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