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Biden’s Removal. How it will Happen. Heaven on Earth? B2T Show May 16, 2023

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Biden continues to destroy the country and new prophetic words from Juile Green and Amanda Grace point to his removal.

Julie Green’s latest prophetic word is very direct:

“The removal of the Biden is coming; a removal in a way no one saw coming. A removal that will shock this nation. A removal that will heal a nation. A removal that will unite a nation. A removal that only I could do. A removal that will get the world’s attention. A removal of all removals.”

Amanda Grace’s live word from the Lord on stage in Miami at the ReAwaken tour also called out the White House:

“And those fools that sit in a white house, do not argue with a fool, says the Lord. Do not argue with a fool. I the Lord thy God deal with them and due season and they get their just wage for their sin. And that season is coming, says the Lord. The grace period is thinning, and it’s thinning. And I the Lord thy God, him dealing with that in this hour.”

Rick reviews other words about Biden’s removal that makes it very clear that this removal will be supernatural and by the hand of God, not by man.

We also review more information about the Durham report that implicates the FBI as a captured operation and destroys the narrative of Trump colluding with Russia.

In fact, the report clearly shows that Trump’s pollical opponents worked with the Deep State to try and destroy him before and after the 2016 election.

We also see more signs of economic collapse and the end nearing for the Babylonian financial system.  It’s time to look to precious metals before the storm hits.

Rick reviews an article claiming Charles is not a real King as well as other news around Kari Lake, election fraud, Hunter and more.

Rick then teaches on how to know what your calling is.  This includes scriptures from Ephesians 4 that confirm we all have a calling.

He then walks us through how to confirm this, how to submit your calling to God and how to maximize your impact with your calling.

We then go Backstage for Project Children Rescue and pray for the children and soldiers as well as praying for the downfall of the media across the nations.

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