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Biden’s Debate Challenge Video: 5 Cuts in 13 Seconds. Manny Johnson LIVE. B2T Show May 15, 2024

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Biden’s handlers finally agree to a debate, but only 2.  He releases a social media video that is only 13 seconds long, but it has 5 cuts!

That’s correct, they could not give Joe a script 13 seconds long, instead, they had to patch together 5 different clips to get their 13 seconds.

Rick discusses how the Obama/Soros globalists who wanted to replace Biden are losing their minds trying to figure out how to replace Biden.

This is how God often works where He turns the enemy on each other, so it will be an interesting next few months to see if they make the switch or the Biden globalists are able to maintain their power.

The social media posts starts out by acting like they won the two 2020 debates and that Trump is crazy for wanting to debate him.  Sorry, the American people are smarter than that.

So here we go, debates scheduled for June 27 on CNN and September 10 on ABC.

Trump also mentions a Fox News debate on Oct 2, but it’s unclear whether Biden’s handlers agreed to this one.

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We then look at how Biden’s handlers are trying to alter the debate rules and how Biden is suffering greatly in the polls despite Trump being in court for the last 3 weeks.

Biden is losing the black vote over inflation and his lack of having a strong stance against the campus protests.

Rick reviews an article where Blinken and the Biden Administration are supporting not having elections in Ukraine as they continue to support Zelesnky without democratic elections.

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After reviewing more news, Rick brings on Prophet Manny Johnson to discuss his insights on the upcoming elections, how we fight this spiritual battle and on hearing from the Lord.

Manny discusses some of his past prophetic words and even a vision he documented on YouTube where he saw Trump and Biden debating.

We get advice on how to walk closer with God and learn why he believes we are heading into better times “Glory Days, not Gloomy Days”

Manny discusses how everyone was scared of Goliath because he was so big, why David said he is so big, I can’t miss!

He encourages us to be courageous like David where he saw Goliath as dead.

We see Manny’s excitement and energy and how he is so excited to be alive at this time.

He recommends we bless our home, bless our family every day and also thank God for your body, your mouth to speak and sing praises and your arms to raise up to worship him.

Manny answers several questions and gives several stories about making sure we are hearing form God to stay in our lane and making sure we are on his path.

He gives examples of not being on his path and says one way to judge this is “if it’s his will, it’s his bill” and God will provide.

He even gives an example where he told Manny not to silence spirits that were not in the territory that he was assigned to.

We pray for Manny and then go backstage for a Bible study led by Gus.

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