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911 Cover Up. Massive Event Coming! PraiseNPrayer! B2T Show Sep 11, 2023

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Evidence continues to mount up to clearly show that the 911 attacks was orchestrated by the US Government.

Just like WWI and WWII were set up with false flags, 911 and Jan 6 were also and this is all starting to be exposed.

Rick first brings on Kirk Elliott to discuss the economic turmoil and how Kirk’s firm became the fastest growing company in its industry.

Kirk discusses the medical miracle with his daughter and how God has been his Jehovah Jireh through very difficult situations.

God prepared him for this time where he can help normal patriots with an honest approach to financial consulting and buying precious metals.

You can get your free consultation from a Godly company with no back-end commissions by calling 720.605.3900.

Rick then shows how the truth of 911 cannot be found anywhere on Google.

He shows how the truth of Building 7, that was the 3rd building that collapsed on Sep 11, 22 years ago, can be found by searching on the Yandex search engine.

Rick shows a video clearly showing Building 7 was a controlled demolition and obviously was designed to eliminate important evidence.

However, this video and many articles about this has been scrubbed from Google.

Rick links to other detailed videos that show the truth of 911 but recommends just getting very smart on Building 7 since there is such undeniable evidence available.

We also review a video outlining the changes Google made last month that partners with the WHO and NATO to “fact check” articles.

Google also plans to eliminate all alternative media from its search results.

In other words, Google search is now a 100% New World Order propaganda machine.

Hiding everything about 911 is one of its major objectives, along with other false flags like January 6 and the Kennedy assassinations.

Rick reviews other news new archeological findings for the steps where Jesus performed a miracle, Meghan Kelly regretting getting the COVID shot as she now has an auto-immune disease as well as a new whistleblower coming out against the false Warren Report on the JFK assassination.

Rick then reads Julie Green’s latest prophetic word and a word Rick received in his Alone Time with God.

Julie’s word tells of a massive event coming:

“Their ultimate destruction is near. Yes, you will see it. One big massive event unfolding right in front of your eyes. It’ll be hard for you to believe what you’re seeing.”

The word Rick received discusses how to be used by the Lord:

“This is the time the enemy has feared.  Their control and distractions are not affecting the children that are listening to my voice.  Those that are getting closer to me than they ever have are at peace.  Those spending time alone with me are hearing from me.”

Then Rick moves to a teaching on Revelation Chapter 19 which discusses the wedding between the Lamb (Jesus) and the Bride (the Body of Christ) as well as Armageddon.

We worship and praise to numerous worship videos, hear praise reports and pray for individual prayer requests.

It’s a wonderful time of deep worship, praise and prayer!

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