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54% of Dems Want New Nominee. Christmas Bible Verses. PraiseNPrayer! B2T Show Dec 18, 2023

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Biden’s campaign is collapsing as 54% of Democrats want to replace him as the nominee.

In addition, he has 64% of people disapprove of his job performance with only 34% approving in a poll that Rick believes errors toward the left.

Rick brings on Kirk Elliott who gives and Economic Update and discussing the Fed’s announcement of have up to 3 rate reductions next year.

Kirk calls this a bluff since printing continues and inflation is not under control.

Rick asks Kirk about why Banks are shorting silver and part of this answer was that they want to buy silver and gold so they short it to buy it cheaper.

Rick loves how silver has a huge upside, but has a protected downside due to the demand for manufacturing and the liquidity of silver.

You can call Kirk at 720.605.3900 or visit

Rick reports on other news with James Biden, election fraud, Trump Derangement system and more.

Then Rick reads his Alone Time with God blog post form Dec 14 where the Lord tells us to be bold:

“I am speaking once again to my children.  Do you not know how much I really love you? Many of you are losing faith and are in a panic.  I did not call you to be timid.  I did not call you to be afraid.  Read my word and see all the times I have told you to not be afraid.  Instead, this is the time to roar like a lion.  This is the time to use my word as your sword.”

Then Rick teaches on key Christmas Bible Verses before going to PraiseNPrayer.

Rick discusses what he is so thankful and walks though his process with hearing from the Lord which is all documented in the blog “Rick’s Alone Time with God” that gets updated regularly on here:

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