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Wray’s FBI Cover-Up. Dr. Stella Immanuel LIVE. B2T Show Jul 12, 2023

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Christopher Wray continues to try and cover up the FBI’s double standard and gets called out on it by Matt Gaetz.

Rick reviews several prophetic words about Wray that show he is a traitor and is being paid by the elites to do what they will.

Wray testified for hours working to squirm out of the predicament whistleblowers and declassifications have put him in.

A new Twitter Files has been released clearly showing more government coercion on Twitter to ban accounts and take away American’s free speech.

Ray Epps is suing Fox News, so Rick is predicting they will fold and settle to pay him off in an effort for the globalists to scare other media outlets for reporting on Ray Epps.

Rick reviews the latest prophetic word by Julie Green that encourage us to get serious:

“It’s time to get serious and come to the courts of heaven with praise and thanksgiving. Come and get serious with using my authority. Come and get serious with learning how to receive from me in greater measure.”

Rick relates many of the prophetic words to key scriptures that the Lord is emphasizing.

Dr. Stella Immanuel MD comes on LIVE and lights up the show with her powerful story, her powerful testimony and her powerful preaching.

We get to hear how she came to the United States, why she moved to a small town and how providentially she purchased a clinic 6 months before COVID in Houston.

She tells the entire story on her and her teams focus on patients while the Mecial community focused on attacking her.

She knew what was happening was not scientific and not ethical, so she fought it.

Now she has created many solutions to help people with various health issues.

Dr. Stella also has a large church and Ranch ministry that houses over 100 people where they pray everyday and have numerous upcoming trainings and retreats.

Don’t miss her discussion about the Book of Revelation and her encouragement to not live in fear!

Stella also sings a beautiful acapella song and closes us down with a dynamic prayer.

Afterwards, we go Backstage for training and prayer.

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