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Walls Closing in on Biden. Dr. Jim Meehan LIVE. B2T Show July 25, 2023

Show Note

Wow. Nearly every day new revelations are coming out about the Biden crime family.

Now we learn that Joe had over 200 connections with Hunter’s business partners.  One partner had 24 connections talking directly with Joe.

However, Joe and the press secretary continue just to lie despite the mounting proof coming forward.

The walls are closing in with emails, videos, confessions and most damaging of all whistleblowers.

Rick believes the globalist are in a panic trying to figure out how to switch Joe out with someone they control that can continue the Biden/Obama agenda.

Rick reviews other news around the Saul Alinsky tactics of destroying America including record high disability payments, missing deadlines imposed by the House and much more.

Dr. Jim Meehan comes on to discuss how as an MD he became awake to the Medical Cartel.

His story is amazing to where he learned that 80% of the Medical Journal articles are pure propaganda and they will not report true science even it will help save lives.

They would not put out truth that would hurt Merc, but chose to kill articles and research instead.

Then his own health cratered where he was making tons of money as an Ophthalmologist doing surgery that never addressed the root cause.

He became overweight, became highly depressed and was at the point he did not want to live.  Traditional doctors told him they could do nothing for his low testosterone and put him on many Big Pharma medicines.

Watch the show to learn how he continued to learn, completely restored his health and created an entirely new practice around functional medicine.

Dr. Meehan now has many patients he helps restore the proper Hormone balance and to completely reverse many supposedly incurable conditions.

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Dr. Meehan exposes all vaccines and not just the COVID jab.  He gives details on ones that 100% should be avoided based on the leveraging of aborted cell tissue.

We close the broadcast down by praying for Dr. Meehan’s son Isiah and that the Lord would amplify his voice and bring truth to the medical community and the world.

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