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Valentine’s Day Massacre Update. Marty Grisham LIVE. B2T Show Mar 19, 2024

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Rick breaks down the Valentine’s Day Massacre that Juan O’Savin discussed on the B2T Show the last few months.

We review the February 14 release of information that clearly showed Obama ordering Brennan to spy on trump and look to link him to Russia.

Brennan created a list of  26 Trump associates most likely to lead to usable links to Russia and he put foreign spies to work as early as 2015…

The spies found no evidence of this, so they had to make it up with the entire Steele Dossier hoax…. All paid for by the DNC and Clinton.

Rick outlines this in a new blog post he created.  This was what Juan called Phase I.

Phase II was released on March 15 when Kari Lake and Mark Fitchem filed appeals to the Supreme Court that show new election fraud evidence.

As we discussed yesterday there were 3 areas where new evidence was presented to the Supreme Court:

  1. Discovery that Maricopa County “flagrantly violated state law for electronic voting systems,”
  2. “Using altered software not certified for use in Arizona,” and “actively misrepresented and concealed those violations.”
  3. ** Dominion Voting Systems, Inc., systems used in Maricopa and almost thirty states have a built-in security breach enabling malicious actors to take control of elections, likely without detection.”

We started the show with more economic news of Brandonomics where even economists on the left are saying inflation is higher than reported due to higher interest rates and other factors.

Another major retailer, JoAnn, with over 800 stores declares bankruptcy.

This all after the report of an expected 500+ banks to fail in the next few years.

Then you see that gold is at an inflation-adjusted all-time high while silver is still 50% of its high and you can see why many are predicting silver to outperform gold.

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In the “Trump Truths” section we see Trump outing the Media on the “Bloodbath” hoax and posting many comments and articles about the crazy $454M bond.

As Rick explains, the weaponized DOJ is using the process as the punishment vs. allowing Trump and others due process.

Rick reviews an article showing that Reid Hoffman, the LinkedIn CEO and Epstein Island visitor funded the news rag that pushed the bloodbath hoax.

We review more news before Rick brings on Marty Grisham of Loud Mouth Prayers.

Marty discusses his early days of seeing the Holy Spirit active and tells us his story of serving as a children’s minister for over 11 years before being called back into a healing ministry.

We get instructions on how we can pray and connect with Marty and his team as he starts prayer groups in 9 different cities that will soon expand to 20 cities.

Follow Marty on Rumble “Loud Mouth Prayer” or go to his website at to engage further.

We also discuss the ReAwaken Tour in Michigan that will be on June 7 and 8.  Marty will be having an event Sunday likely starting around 2pm.

The event is expected to sell out as the church holds 3,000 people.

Marty also addresses prayer from scripture as well as the latter rain.

We then go backstage for PCR (Project Children Rescue) which includes intercessory prayer and blowing of shofars.

Upcoming on B2T:

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Apr 3rd – Prophet Daniel Goodwyn: J6’er

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