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Ukrainian Avian Flu Biolab. 40% Lethality. PraiseNPrayer. B2T Show May 30, 2023

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New evidence is being presented by Russia on a Ukrainian Biolab that has an Avian Flu pathogen that has up to a 40% lethality rate!

Rick believes this is one of the many Biolabs funded by the US that was about to be unleashed on the world and is the key reason for the Russian invasion.

The fact that the media is not reporting this, shows the sold-out narrative the globalist have instituted.  Russia very bad, Ukraine very good.

No information is allowed that would show otherwise.

The globalist are losing ground every day and are in a panic.

McCarthy’s so-called negotiation with Biden was actually caving to $4 trillion in additional spending vs. the house bill that allowed for only 1.5 trillion.

The US debt is 40% larger since COVID and the captured operation of the Executive and Legislative branches is showing its colors by continuing this outlandish spending.

It’s one of the only ways the globalist Cabal can keep funding itself since Trump and his EOs froze many assets.

Of course, RINO McConnell is all for the deal, but many in the freedom caucus are fighting against it and even some Democrats don’t like the deal.

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Rick reviews Julie Green’s latest prophetic word where the Lord tells us to speak up:

“Speak words of life. Speak words of blessing. Speak words of breakthrough. Speak words of increase. Speak words of health. Speak words of wholeness. Speak words of victory. Speak those things and you’ll see me work quicker and faster than you ever thought I would before…”

Rick reviews other news around Disney, Biden’s crimes, the FBI and more.

Then Rick goes through the details of Amanda Grace’s latest prophetic word.

Key takeaways include the Lord confirming we are in the time of Psalm 2 now as Rick has been teaching:

“And says the Spirit of the Lord this day, why do the nations rage and the PEOPLE PLOT a vain thing? I the Lord thy God shall hold them in Derision, I shall hold them ACCOUNTABLE. For in this hour in the earth many accounts must be reckoned says the Lord,…”

This points to Psalm 2 which Rick believes points to a time of vengeance now well before the tribulation.  The Great Awaking will continue, then the Great Exodus, then the Great Harvest, well before the Tribulation and the 1,000 years of Christ.

The Lord even says it’s not time for the anti-Christ yet:

“…the King shall be pushed by the forums to declare credibility to one who has flirted with the spirit of antichrist…. However, says the Lord, it is not time it is not time and I the Lord thy God shall allow a pause…”

This word from the Lord to Amanda also matches much of what Julie’s word discusses around us speaking with authority:


Rick then moves to a few PraiseNPrayer songs and we get to hear a praise report from Kris from Ohio.

Kris tells how much the Neighborhood.Social B2T Zoom groups have helped her during a hard time recently and she now fells like she belongs and is now connected to other Christian Patriots.

We then go Backstage for PCR (Project Children Rescue) and pray for the children, the soldiers and against the worldwide propaganda media.

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