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Tucker Interviewing Putin. Border Bill Trap? PraiseNPrayer! B2T Show Feb 5, 2024

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The House speaker says Senate border bill is ‘dead on arrival’ if it reaches the chamber: “Even worse than we expected.”  The legislation would allocate $20 billion for border security.  Rick says the problem is, they are going to codify the open border.  This bill would give the ability to expel migrants after a threshold was reached.  Rick shows a couple of ‘Trump Truths’ about this bill as well.

NBC slams the panic button over “Biggest Lead” Trump has ever had in poll over Biden.  NBC shows a poll that asked about people’s thoughts on certain topics.  Biden is only leading in the questions of immigration and abortion.

In the ‘Trump’s Truth’ segment, Trump is talking about Biden not doing a Super Bowl interview.  Then, he has a post about commercial properties in default and election interference.

The Kremlin is quiet as Tucker Carlson’s Russia visit creates Putin interview rumors.  This article is in the Guardian which is a deep state publication.  They say the ‘far-right’ broadcaster was seen in Moscow and reportedly arrived last week.  The Kremlin has refused to say whether Putin would give Carlson an interview.  Rick shows a post on X that says Tucker was seen leaving his hotel and heading toward the Kremlin to interview Putin.

Rick also talks about the trucker convoy that is on the southern border that has been in Texas, Arizona, and California as well as an article about CNN.  Then, we see the ‘Squad’ is squabbling.  King Charles has been diagnosed with cancer.

Beijing is powerless as Chinese stocks crater after Trump confirms he will impose 60% tariffs.  Rick says this is how powerful Trump is.  The deep state can not let him win.  Rick thinks they are going to do everything they can to not have an election.

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