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Trump says Kill FISA. RINOs Say No. Juan O’Savin LIVE. B2T Show Apr 10, 2024

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Let’s start our show…

We start with a Trump Truth.  President Trump says Kill FISA, it was illegally used against me, and many others.  They spied on my campaign!!!

House sinks Johnson-backed FISA renewal after Trump push.

Conservatives voiced anger over GOP leaders’ opposition to more warrant requirements.

Nineteen Republicans voted against their party leadership to tank a procedural vote that would have allowed for the House to debate and then vote on the bill itself.

Rick says this exposes the RINOs.  Also, they are trying to get enough RINOs in so President Trump will not be effective when he’s back in office.

Rick shows a graph on silver and the jump it has had in the last week.  He talks about why silver has been suppressed.

Rick then shows the US Debt Clock and the ‘Secret’ window.  Today the window shows a picture of The debt to wealth revolution.

Federal Reserve refuses to provide records of foreign gold holdings.

A ZeroHedge article shows the Fed has declined to comply with a Freedom of Information Act request for records about such holdings.

Rick says the Federal Reserve is not Federal no is it reserve.  It’s a banking cartel.

Dr. Kirk Elliott will be joining us tomorrow to discuss what is going on with precious metals.

Dr. Cohn’s BioStacking Summit will be happening April 21 – 28, 2024.  He discusses natural health.

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Also, our Monday night ‘Hearing from God’ series with different people discussing

how they hear from God.

In another Trump Truth, President Trump is talking about inflation.  He shows a chart with inflation costs.

President Trump is also saying No More Funding for NPR and explains why.

Rick shows a few more Truths before moving on to an article about dietary trends from our ancestors.

This article is from Dr. Mercola.  He talks about the health crisis America faces and the reliance on processed foods.

Tucker Carlson has a video report on the case against Ozempic.  This is a drug that uses venom from a lizard that paralyzes your stomach.

This drug makes you lose weight because it paralyzes your stomach and causes a lot of health problems if you stop taking it.

It is being prescribed to obese teenagers who will have to stay on it for life because of the side effects.

Washington Post reports Iran is closer than ever to having nuclear weapons.

The report finds Iran engaged in a flurry of activity at Fordow facility, enriching uranium to increased rate.  They could have enough for 3 bombs in a matter of days.

Rick then shows a post from Tucker Carlson’s episode 91.  Tucker has a pastor from Bethlehem.  He talks about how the government of Israel treats Christians.

Rick believes this report was a mistake by Tucker.  He believes you should do your own research on the Palestine vs. the globalist’s narrative.

Rick shows some other posts that support his belief on the subject.

Rick goes on to talk about his belief on the state of Israel and the Khazarian Jew theory.

Juan joins Rick to talk about what he is doing and explains events that has happened.  He discusses the fire in Lahaina.

He discusses the ‘Blue’ theory.

During Juan’s discussion, his phone cuts out so Rick goes into some other articles.

FBI Whistleblowers say the bureau ‘needs to be abolished.’

This article shows two FBI agents spoke to Congress about how law enforcement went after pro-lifers and concerned parents.  They say the FBI has adopted a “Marxist culture” and called for its abolition.

Juan comes back on after finding an area with better service.

He discusses more about what happened in Lahaina and about Directed Energy Weapons.

Juan leaves and Rick goes over several more articles before playing some worship music.

After the show, Gus has a Bible study with the Backstagers.

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