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Trump National at Risk. 962% Increase in Missed Filings. PraiseNPrayer! B2T Show Mar 21, 2024

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Let’s dig into the News…

We start off this evening with a Trump Truth talking about Arthur Engoron, a radical left New York judge has picked a number out of thin air and is expecting President Trump to post the bond before the appeal.

Trump National Gold Club at risk after New York registers fraud judgment.

President Trump could be at risk of having his New York golf club seized by AG Letitia James if he fails to post an appeal bond to cover his civil fraud trial judgment.

Rick says if this were a criminal case, after the appeal, this would all be over but the bar for a civil case is much lower so they can go after assets.

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962% increase in ‘missed’ deportation filings since 2020.

Around 200,000 illegal aliens have avoided deportation because the Biden government failed to file the paperwork associated with their court dates and subsequent removals.

Biden makes a ridiculously racist comment about black families during radio interview.

RNC Research has a post about this article with a quote from Biden, saying “How many black communities are in a situation where they come from a circumstance where they’re in difficult, where they have difficulty?….Even those families that are really poor don’t have any books in the house. Kids don’t hear a lot of conversation.”

Hunter Biden bails on public hearing that he demanded.

Rick says Remember, Hunter Biden said he didn’t want all the private hearings, he wanted them to be public and when they have a public hearing, he doesn’t show up.

Rick believes this is exposing the Biden crime family.

In Trump’s Truths, he has a video clip of Jesse Waters showing Fani Willis having more problems.

Fani put a man on the stand that was so high he couldn’t even function.

President Trump also posted a video ad about Biden and inflation.

Google’s healthcare invasion: Ultra-woke Gemini AI is coming to Fitbit and cancer screenings.

Rick says this AI uses articles from the mockingbird media and the medical cartel in its searching for answers.

State’s largest police union makes major endorsement in 2024 presidential race.

The Florida Police Benevolent Association first endorsed Governor Ron DeSantis last summer but has now endorsed President Trump.

A study shows the media loved interviewing Trump’s 2020 opponents, but not Biden’s 2024 rivals.

The news media did 115 interviews when President Trump was running for re-election and has only done 25 for this Biden bid for re-election.

DEI dies in another red state.  Alabama has joined the growing list of red states taking aim at Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

On Wednesday, Governor Kay Ivey signed legislation that bars DEI in public entities, such as schools, universities, and state agencies.

Michael Cohen won’t be sanctioned for using AI to invent fake legal cases.

Cohen used fake cases citations with the help of AI in legal cases.  The judge did not sanction him because he believed Cohen did not understand the language function of how AI works.

Favoritism and cover-ups reveal culture of corruption in US Capitol Police leadership.

Rick believes this is showing information about the capital police right before we start seeing videos of the false flag of January 6th with the capital police and Nancy Pelosi.

Rick says this was all about covering up the true insurrection on November 3rd.

Rick brings on his brother, Rob to talk about QE Strong and the new Red Light Therapy wand they have created.

They have a great discussion on how AI can be used for good as well as bad information.

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After Rob leaves, Rick starts a Bible study on Luke 3 and incorporates PraiseNPrayer into the Bible lesson.

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