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Trump Jail Time? Secret Service Prepping. Tom Trento LIVE. B2T Show May 28, 2024

Show Notes

Let’s jump into the news…

Secret Service has met with local jail officials to discuss preparations for President Trump to go behind bars.

A possibly disturbing development has unfolded, leading many to believe the fix is already in for a Trump conviction or imprisonment.

Rick then shows a Trump Truth talking about the cases against him and a second one talking about the government making the final argument instead of allowing the defense go last.

In another Trump’s Truth, President Trump is talking about the case being corrupt and bringing the cases in the middle of the presidential election.

Rick plays a clip off CNN about Democrats debate impact of possible Trump acquittal.  The caption on the video says ‘Fake News Media is the Enemy of the People.

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Judge denies special prosecutor Smith’s request for gag order against Trump in classified docs case.

The judge has told Smith she will hold him in contempt of court if he keeps trying to bring these kinds of motions against President Trump.

The majority of Democrats, 54%, say dump Biden.

Rick says he believes this shows the fight between the Biden/Soros of the world and the globalists trying to stay in control.

In a Truth, Collin Rugg posts Actor Rober De Niro gets into a shouting match with a guy wearing a MAGA hat.

In a Truth from Political Polls, they ask the question ‘Who do you think is more corrupt?’

This poll shows 76% of respondents say its Joe Biden & his family.

In our new section called SGAnon takes, he shows a report about the Russia-Ukraine war.

Rick says this post shows them funding both sides of the war.

SG has another post he re-tweeted from Dom Lucre showing pics of Alex Soros with his girlfriend, Huma Adedin and Bill and Hillary Clinton as well as Biden and Harris at The White House for a US Kenyan celebration.

SG says these people have not all been in the same room for years.

SG also posts a clip of a Tucker Carlson interview with Danica Patrick, a female Nascar driver.

Rick shows SGAnon’s X account and how to follow him.

In a post on Telegram from Amir Tsarfati, he talks about the secret service meeting with local jail officials in preparation for President Trump to be jailed.

In another post from Amir, he says the Big War hasn’t started yet.  He talks about Hamas and Hezbollah.

He also posts about IDF strikes in Rafah.

Rick shows a post from his Telegram channel.  The $320 million dock that American taxpayers paid for in order to bring more food into Gaza is sinking.

Rick also reposted a message on Telegram from Amir saying US made explosives found in Gaza.

Menendez has one week to file as an independent candidate in New Jersey.

This man was a democrat that got pushed out and the only way he can stay in is to run as an independent.

Supreme court rejects lawyer Michael Avenatti’s bid to overturn conviction.

Avenatti sought to have his 2020 conviction for extorting Nike and defrauding a client overturned.

Michigan is in play – Donald Trump and Joe Biden can thank Rashida Tlaib.

There is a pic in this article with Tlaib holding a sign saying ‘Biden, you are starving Gaza.  Permanent ceasefire now!’

Rick says she is basically telling people not to vote for Biden.

Joe Biden makes a surprise nighttime visit to Hunter’s ex Hallie Biden days before she testifies in first son’s gun trial.

Oklahoma pedophile convicted of abusing 7-year-old stepdaughter quickly becomes trans, appeals conviction.

A press release from the Department of Justice noted that Perry “now identifies as she/her.”

Rick says this is pretty scary.

Tom Trento from The United West comes on to talk with Rick.

Tom talks about his life and how he became a Christian and started this organization to fight against Islamic jihad.

Rick and Tom have a great conversation including a video about some of the people inside the US that are radical Islamic and how they are infiltrating our county.

One of Tom’s friends, Mark, comes on the interview and talks with Rick as well.

Some of the Backstagers get to pray for Tom then Rick talks about ‘What is the Romans Road?’

After a short Bible study, we moved into our time of praying for the children and intercessory prayer.

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