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Trump Jail Time? Israel Enters Rafah. PraiseNPrayer! B2T Show May 6, 2024

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Let’s start our show…

We begin this evening with an economic update from Dr Kirk.

Dr Kirk begins by talking about Biden’s Chief Economic Advisor.  Rick plays a video clip that Dr Kirk of the man talking about how the United States gets money.

In the video, the man stumbles over his words and says he ‘thinks’ we sell bonds.

Dr Kirk explains how the government makes money.

He goes on to talk about the Federal Reserve and what it actually is and who runs it.

Dr Kirk also talks about the economic turmoil and riots happening right now.

Rick shows an article “The Dollar will be worth nothing” – Elon Musk issues stark Fed warning as ‘Stealth Money Printing’ grinds Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP price higher.

Rick and Dr Kirk discuss this article.

Rick shows the US Debt Clock with the ‘Secret Window’.

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In a post from Praying Medic News, President Trump talks about the threat of jail time.  Rick plays the clip in the post.

Trump threatened with jail after judge holds him in contempt a 10th time.

Merchan has already fined Trump $9,000 for 9 violations and said it appears fines aren’t a sufficient deterrent, so he’ll have to consider putting him in jail if he violates the gag order again.

Rick shows another video clip from NewsMax about the warning from the judge.

Rick says this is a clear indication that it is election interference because the judge is forcing President Trump to be in court and not on the campaign trail.

Israel begins ‘targeted’ strikes against Hamas in Rafah.

The Israeli army has begun ordering tens of thousands of Palestinians living in the city to evacuate.

An X post from OSINTdefender states Initial Reports of Israeli tanks and mechanized infantry have crossed the border fence into the Gaza Strip to the East of Rafah.

In a post from Amir Tsarfati, we see his opinion on the areas of colossal failure of the Biden Administration in regard to the conflict in the Middle East.

Rick shows several more posts from Amir talking about the conflict and showing pictures of things going on over there.

Ex-Top Biden DOJ official now prosecuting Trump was once paid by DNC for ‘political consulting’.

Matthew Colangelo’s move from DOJ to the NY Trump prosecution has drawn allegations of politicization.

Liberal icon Bernie Sanders is running for Senate reelection, squelching retirement rumors.

Rick says “Bernie is coming back.”

Trump sows doubt about top contenders to be his vice president.

Rick talks about watching a video called The Event posted by Phil Godlewski saying General Flynn would not be in the White House.

Rick discusses the article and the people the article says may be nominees.

Rick goes over a few more articles before moving into PraiseNPrayer with our beautiful praise music and a Bible study over Luke 6.

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