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Trump Jabs with Judge. Trans Manifesto Leaked. PraiseNPrayer! B2T Show Nov 6, 2023

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Trump testifies in the NY trail and jabs with the judge as the judge gets very irritated that Trump does not just answer each question with short answers.

Trump continues to make bold statements with long answers to get his key points across.

Trump continues to talk about not having a jury, there was no victims, the valuations the judge accepted for Mar-a-Lago was 50-100 times low, that the case should not have been brought, that the judge should have accepted that the statute of limitations has expired and much more.

Trump pounded the points over and over again which clearly bothered the judge numerous times.

One attorney said it was the best testimony he has witnessed in his 33 years as a lawyer.

Rick plays a video of Trump after the testimony addressing the press about the election interference.

Podcaster Louder with Crowder received the leaked Trans Manifesto that clearly showed that she had significant “white hate” and that she was demonic as she hoped to have a “high death count” and said “kill those kids.”

But what does Facebook do?  It censors posts discussing this since a trans mass shooter does not fit the narrative the globalists want to potray.

Facebook is the enemy of the people.

Rick invites everyone to the Facebook replacement platform

There is now a movement to do what Q said to do many years ago.  Follow the therapists of these mass shooters.

The school psychiatrists are prescribing all kinds of medications for our kids that have massive side effects.

Rick feels that many mass shootings could be tracked back to the MK Ultra program if we were able to trace each shooter’s therapist and research their connections.

Rick brings on Geordan Roberts of

to discuss grass-fed grass-finished beef that is freeze dried and can last 15-years.

Geordan and his brother also have a patriot site called

as well.  Both sites offer discounts for the code: B2T

Rick reviews other breaking news around George Soros funding anti-Israel and pro-Hamas demonstrations with the same players filling the streets, Antifa and BLM.

We then move to several words from the Lord.

Rick reads part of his word from Monday where the Lord warns of the dangers of programming:

“Understand that programming is everywhere.  Programming is in the TV series, the movies, the cartoons, but especially with news and social media.  Reduce your time in these areas, my children.  Put me first by digging into my word and getting close to me.”

Rick also reads part of Julie Green’s latest word where the Lord discusses the exposure of George Soros:

“George Soros, you and all your henchmen will be exposed. Every protest you paid for, every single uprising, and where all and how all your money was spent to bring unrest to this nation, all your money used for a plot against a rightful president, everything you have done behind your closed doors is about to be leaked out and exposed…”

Rick then teaches on Hebrews 13 to finish up the Book of Hebrews before we start PraiseNPrayer.

During PraiseNPrayer, we worship to 10 beautiful worship videos, but get to hear Praise Reports from Charlotte, Sury, Linda, and others.

We also lift up several specific prayer requests for grandkids and family as well as pray for Trump, Bibi, the militaries, innocents and more.

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